Joyful Christmas News

PUBLISHED: 6:31 PM 26 Dec 2019
UPDATED: 6:32 PM 26 Dec 2019

4 Beautiful Stories To Celebrate Christmas

These Christmas stories show that the news is not all bad, and they will warm your heart.

These volunteer elves answered letter to Santa. (Source: CBS Evening News Screenshot YouTube)

It seems as if the only news we get to see is negative. From partisan impeachment and hourly attacks against President Trump, to massive gun control and increased criminal activity.

But all the news isn’t bad. In fact, there are plenty of lovely, heartwarming incidents that are happening every day. And the Christmas season seems to bring out the kindness in others… at least, most others.

Townhall compiled a list of 5 wonderful Christmas news stories, I’m adding reposting four of them here:

  1. Christmas Card Inspires Elderly Grandma to Keep Living

An elderly grandmother in the U.K. suffers from dementia and physical disabilities – but that doesn’t stop her from influencing passersby.

According to a tweet from her granddaughter, Melly, she “sits in her chair by the window all day, every day – just looking outside & normally feeling lonely.” She does something else too: she makes a point of sharing a smile with people who walk past.

One of those people, named “Leigh,” sent the grandmother a thank-you note and store voucher this Christmas, the Evening Standard reported on December 23.

“To the lady who waves and smiles, with Christmas wishes,” the letter read. “It’s nice to see you smile and wave when I walk past your house. Please accept my small token gift to give you another reason to smile.”

The grandmother changed Leigh – and Leigh changed the grandmother.

“Two days ago she said she wished she was dead,” Melly said of her grandmother, “and today she’s so happy and keeps asking us to read the message out loud.”

  1. Santa’s ‘Elves’ Respond to Children’s Letters from around the World

When children send letters to Santa, there’s a good chance they’ll land in Santa Claus, Indiana, reported the Indianapolis Star on December 17. Every year, a group of “volunteer” elves there respond to tens of thousands of letters.

“We never refer to what they want, bringing a gift — we can’t do that,” Pat Koch, Santa Claus Museum & Village founder and “Chief Elf,” told the outlet. “But we always try to lift them up.”

One letter sent in 2019 reads, “I kinda want a PS4 or another PS3 controller. … But what I really want is for (my friends’) suffering (to) end. Let (my friend’s) mom out of jail and for her dad and mom to be off of the drugs.”

Another child wrote, “All I want for Christmas is for my mommy and my daddy to be happy.”

These are the letters that “elves” like Ann Wahl, a retired schoolteacher, responds to.

“It’s amazing that the children see other children and they’re hurt for their friends,” Wahl said. “Kids are good. They’re innately good.”

“We’re all kiddos at heart when it comes to the Christmas spirit,” she added. “And that’s one thing I think that we all share, no matter what’s going on in the world.”

  1. Nurse Joins Patient in Singing ‘O, Holy Night’ from Hospital Bed

When 24-year-old oncology nurse Alex Collazo discovered one of her patients was struggling with chemotherapy, she presented him with a guitar, the Tennessean reported on December 17.

That’s because her patient, 67-year-old Penn Pennington, is a long-time musician in Nashville, having performed at country bars for 30 years and even at the Grand Ole Opry. Most recently, his daughter, Brandi Leath, captured him on camera singing Christmas duets with Collazo at the [Nashville] Tristar Centennial’s Sarah Cannon Cancer Center.

[You can read the full report here.]

  1. NICU Staff Dress Up Babies in Holiday Garb for Cheer

In Atlanta, one NICU center decided to spread the Christmas spirit by dressing up their little patients in holiday garb.

“Our NICU nurses dressed babies in holiday sweaters, bows, dresses and stockings,” the hospital, WellStar Atlanta Medical Center, told 11Alive. “Nurse Terri Gonzales took photos. We posted on social media, and it has gone viral.”

The photos show preemies dressed up as Santa, elves, and even stocking stuffers.

One parent wrote in response, “Thank you guys for taking care of my Níla she’s doing great!!!! I can’t wait to take her home!!!!”

Merry Christmas!