PUBLISHED: 10:34 PM 8 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 4:14 PM 9 Feb 2017

381,000 Students Just Sent Home In Chicago, School District Making A BOLD Move Against Trump


Democrats don’t hesitate to use children in their battles

A new President should have been an exciting event for Chicago. Yes, Obama tried to connect with black population there. However, under his administration, Chicago saw an increase in crime and poverty. They could have seen President Trump as an opportunity for some actual change. It seems that Chicago Democrats have not chosen that path.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner took office in 2015, stating that his goal as governor was to “create a more prosperous state, where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.”

Apparently some Democrats in Chicago aren’t happy with his performance so far. Sources say that a lot of arguments exist between the Republican Governor and the Democrats of the state.

This week, Chicago made the decision to speak out publically against both Governor Rauner and President Trump. Chicago Public School officials sent home a letter with all 381,000 students taking aim at the Governor’s financial decisions and comparing him, not flatteringly, to Donald Trump.

The letter begins by stating, “Governor Bruce Rauner, just like President Trump, has decided to attack those who need the most help.” They certainly decided to come out swinging, effectively releasing themselves from any hand in the state’s financial problems.


Full of accusations and hate, very little problem solving

The letter continues in the same vicious way, “But while the Governor and his friends fight about how to solve the problem, they know that every day they cheat your children of their fair share, they can score political points with their own supporters. Just like President Trump. And like President Trump, Governor Rauner our most vulnerable citizens: immigrant children, racial minorities, the poor.”


Another bad move from Forrest Claypool

The rhetoric is all too typical of liberals today, designed to anger and hopefully incite action which often includes violence. Democrats have lowered their Party standards and morals, allowing physical attacks to take the place of appropriate demonstrations of disagreement.

One news outlet noted the hypocrisy of it all, “The letter, paid for by taxpayers, does not mention Democrats who have been in control of the city and state legislature for decades.”

Many parents who received the letter from their child’s school are understandably upset. One parent wrote a letter stating, “This is so inappropriate. How can he send political propaganda home?”

“He” refers to Forest Claypool, current CEO of Chicago Public School District. Claypool is a Democrat of course, having previously worked for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. His letter shows he has no reservations about going after his opponents in the fiercest way possible.

Sarah Brune of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform points out how inappropriate Claypool’s actions were, “Invoking partisan politics – especially at the national level – is not the most effective way to build trust with parents and students.”

Governor Rauner’s office released a letter in response. Illinois Secretary of Education Beth Purvis wrote: “Rather than cutting services and creating a crisis to help justify a campaign to raise taxes in Springfield, it would be helpful to everyone if CPS would work with all parties to enact a balanced budget package that includes comprehensive pension reform and a new and equitable school funding formula.”

Purvis also accused CPS of trying to “arbitrarily create a crisis” with “a curiously timed and unfortunate announcement.”

Rarely reasonable, we don’t expect to see better behavior from the liberals as a result of that letter. In fact the two letters were just the beginning of a drawn out and very public battle between CPS and Governor Rauner.

When asked to respond to Rauner’s letter, Claypool attacked again, “In the absence of state funding, CPS must take emergency actions now to meet its legal obligation to keep revenues and expenses balanced, and cannot blithely and irresponsibly fail to do so as the governor and Springfield have done for two consecutive years.”


Maybe Claypool learned his tactics from Emanuel

Today, the next step was taken in the war when Chicago GOP chairman Chris Cleveland filed an ethics complaint against Forrest Claypool. Cleveland’s suit reminded everyone that this is not the first inappropriate behavior they have seen from Claypool;

“Coming on the heels of the school district blocking an investigation into a $250,000 legal contract with Mr. Claypool’s former law firm and interfering in another investigation of major theft and “criminal conspiracy” by a CPS’ employee, Mr. Claypool’s latest misuse of taxpayer dollars appears to be part of an alarming personal habit of disregard for and abuse of the public’s trust.”

The ethics complaint added to Claypool’s problems. Last week the governing board of the Chicago Teacher’s Union called for his “immediate resignation.”  in writing. This was seen as a symbolic gesture that truly was a chance for the union to denounce budget cuts and layoffs.

All in all, a bad month for Forrest Claypool and in turn, the public schools of Chicago. He has dragged the children and parents into a political battle that it appears he is losing.

We expect to see Claypool step down. The combined pressure from all corners will probably prove too much for him. That would leave an opening for Governor Rauner to find someone who is truly dedicated to helping Chicago’s children.