PUBLISHED: 10:10 PM 11 May 2017

300 Schools Ditch Parental Rights, Students Swap Gender With Teacher Consent

Transgender students in the West have been campaigning for special rights.

Nearly 300 Australian schools have adopted a pro-transgender policy that allows teachers to help students transition without having to notify their parents. Nearly a third of the schools have students as young as six.

The policy writers believe that gender is a fluid concept that children can toy with, flitting from male to female whenever the whim occurs. If a student decides that they’re no longer happy with their biological sex, teachers are expected to bend over backward to help them fit in as their preferred gender. Parental consent is considered superfluous.

The Australian government recently came under fire for publishing OMG I’m Trans, a booklet distributed to schoolchildren that encouraged them to consider sexual reassignment surgery.

Liberal schools have been bent over backward to appease LGBTQ students.

“When we’re born we’re assigned a sex, it’s written on our birth certificate and then all these things – the TV shows we watch, our schools, the toilets we use – shape how we feel and how we’re supposed to act. But that little piece of paper doesn’t always align with how we feel about our own gender,” the booklet states.

“For a lot of people gender might not be strictly male or female. It could be somewhere in between, or something else entirely! I have friends who experienced gender more fluidly, it can shift and change over time.”

Conversations that would ideally be held with a student’s parents are instead being led by liberal educators. A young adult who feels unsure about their identity should speak with their family, not their school principal.

“Medical transitioning isn’t about ‘fitting in.’ Sure, that can be part of it, but it’s really about doing what helps you feel most comfortable personally,” OMG I’m Trans concludes. “Surgeries and other treatments are just tools to help achieve what feels right to you, and shouldn’t ever be seen as essential to being a ‘real’ man, woman or anything else.”

Children’s books that tackle adult sexual themes are popular with leftists.

If sexual reassignment surgeries aren’t actually that important and should just be seen as tools it’s odd that the government funded an expensive guide that’s mostly concerned with the supposed wonders of transition surgery.

The schools that agreed to Australia’s new pro-transgender policy are required to grant special rights to their LGBTQ students.

“This guide is intended to help all schools to provide support for students who are taking steps to affirm a gender identity at school that is different from the sex that they were assigned at birth. This process is often referred to as gender transition or affirmation,” the guideline begins.

Hardly any students actually identify as transgender, yet it’s the hot-button issue of the moment among the left. Liberals are eagerly foisting their own agenda onto students. Most schools don’t have a large enough transgender population to justify the extravagant policies being crafted.

“School uniforms and dress codes. Confirm the appropriate uniform that matches the gender identity of the student and adheres to your school dress or uniform code. It could be timely for the school to consider how inclusive your current dress code or uniform policy is and whether it could be updated. For students affirming an identity that is neither male nor female, provisions could be considered by the school for the student to wear elements of the uniform they feel most comfortable with,” Australia’s new guidelines read.

Gender-neutral bathrooms are common at schools and businesses across the country.

Apparently, schools now have to plan for students who don’t identify as male or female. School uniforms have become a contentious issue.

One of the biggest debates about transgender students revolves around school bathrooms and locker rooms. There are concerns over the safety and comfort of female students.

“Toilets and changing rooms. As part of the written plan, confirm the toilets, changing rooms, showers, and swimming facilities based on the student’s gender identity and the facilities they will feel most comfortable using,” the guideline reads.

The authors warn that if schools attempt to solve the problem by providing gender-neutral toilets it could backfire, as students may decide that they’re being oppressed when they have to use the “special” bathroom.