NYPD Chaos

PUBLISHED: 6:17 PM 8 Jun 2020

300 NYPD Officers Injured, 600 Consider Walk Out As de Blasio Takes Funding

Can anyone really blame them… they cannot defend themselves.

In New York, if a police officer dares to defend himself against a violent attack, he or she is ridiculed, censored and often times suspended.

Now, officers have apparently had enough, as Bill de Blasio announced that funding will be ‘transferred’ from the PD to “youth” programs.

Breitbart News reported:

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik says more than 300 New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers have been injured in the weeks-long riots and nearly 600 are considering leaving their posts.

During an interview on Fox News’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, Kerik said hundreds of NYPD officers have been injured during riots in which rioters, arsonists, and looters ravaged neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In addition, Kerik said the civil unrest may be leading to hundreds of NYPD officers leaving their jobs as Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has now vowed to cut funding and reduce the department’s power.

“Well, you’ve had over 300 — I think about 320 — that have been injured, I think some in the hospital,” Kerik said. “But there were over 300 injuries.”

“And the thing that scares me … I’m hearing close to 600 cops have either put in their papers or they’re talking to the [NYPD] about resigning or retiring,” Kerik continued.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and de Blasio have consistently sided with suspects in criminal cases over the NYPD in recent years.

The state’s bail reform law has ensured that rioters in the last week are immediately freed from jail after their arrests, and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has said he will not prosecute “low-level” rioters.

Today, there are about 36,000 NYPD officers who help keep law and order for about 8.4 million New Yorkers in the largest city in the United States.

Meanwhile, de Blasio announced that he was cutting funding while violent crime soars.

Breitbart News reported:

During a news conference on Sunday, de Blasio said his administration would “be moving funding from the NYPD to youth initiatives and social services” in its new budget request.

De Blasio’s announcement comes as rioters, looters, and arsonists have destroyed businesses and attacked NYPD officers over the last week. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is currently lobbying localities and cities to defund their police departments.

“The details will be worked out in the budget process in the weeks ahead,” de Blasio said. “But I want people to understand that we are committed to shifting resources to ensure that the focus is on our young people.”

De Blasio is also seeking to reduce the NYPD’s authority in New York City. One of those measures includes reforming existing law that protects officer disciplinary records from the public.

Another measure will strip NYPD of their jurisdiction over street vendor enforcement and certain code violations.

“The vendor and administrative enforcement will be moved out of the NYPD, so that code violations will not require an officer whose presence could escalate an encounter,” de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray said.

While De Blasio vows to cut NYPD funding, violent crime in New York City is continuing to rise even as the city remains partially locked down due to the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Over the last month, for example, murder has jumped more than 94 percent compared to the same time last year. Burglaries — now that suspects can be freed with0ut paying bail — have increased almost 34 percent in the last month compared to 2019.

Grand larceny auto, whereby suspects likewise are freed now without having to pay bail, has also become the fastest growing crime in New York City.

In the last week, grand larceny auto has jumped nearly 90 percent, and over the last month, there have been nearly 70 percent more cases of grand larceny auto this year than there were at the same time last year.