PUBLISHED: 12:23 AM 21 Dec 2016

2nd Russian Diplomat Now Dead, World War 3 Approaches As Putin Makes A Stand


This ain’t your daddy’s rock ‘n’ roll–and it ain’t his Benghazi, either.

Sad to say, but, at some point, we Americans grew numb to how feckless and cowardly our leaders are. Like some national witch, Hillary Clinton cast a spell on us all that fateful day she so callously complained, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Like a poisoned apple to the mind, in fact, to the very soul of our nation, we became dangerously apathetic.

Obama had already ruined the ideas of “hope” and “change,” so, in a sense, Hillary Clinton was just putting the deadly icing on the cake of how low our expectations of our leaders have become. Obviously, everyone has clay feet, so none of us really expects a political messiah in D.C. or in the White House. But there’s something wrong when almost the entire nation becomes so cynical that they expect their leaders to let them down–to leave them in the lurch.

Actually, I spoke too soon. It wasn’t her “What Difference” hex that caused the real problems, it was when Hillary and Co. let four American heroes battle and ultimately die in the embassy in Benghazi. Once they survived the backlash from that waking nightmare of treason, the Democrats realized that, at this point, basically nothing really did make a difference. If they could get away with the lies, cowardice, deadly treachery of Benghazi, then they could get away with anything.

Imagine if another Benghazi scenario happened tomorrow. How would you feel? How would the American people react? Your first impulse is probably to say that you’d be outraged, that the people would rise up, that Congress would “do it right this time,” but… in all honesty, I think your rage would quickly melt and the public outrage would just wash down the drain with the next news cycle.

We’ve had too much beaten out of us–trampled out of our spirits–to do it all again, to put ourselves through the collective disappointment of seeing Hillary and Co. get off scot-free once again. Easier just to swallow our rage and hope Trump can keep making positive changes as an outsider and a proven patriot.

Speaking of outsiders, it sometimes takes a true and literal outsider–a foreigner–to give us the perspective we need–to give us a wake-up call that we’re deaf to in our own language, so to speak.

That outsider is Vladimir Putin, and that wake-up call is what is already being labeled The Russian Benghazi.

As The Mirror reports:

A Russian diplomat has been found dead from gunshot wounds at his home.

Petr Polshikov, 56, was discovered with a bullet injury to his head at his flat in Moscow’s Balaklavsky Prospekt, according to local media.

The alleged shooting came just hours after the news broke of the assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov.

Karlov was killed by his police protection officer who screamed “Allahu Akbar” and “Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria.”

He was shot in the back by 22-year-old Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Altintas in what Russia last night described as a “terrorist act”.

Because it was so public, and occurred on the same day as two other episodes of Muslim violence, Karlov’s death has overshadowed Polshikov’s death. There is, however, troubling evidence that they are related.

First of all, there is the matter of how closely the deaths occurred in time: mere hours apart.

Second, in Polshikov’s shooting, reported by Ren TV early today, “two empty bullet shells were found in the high-ranking diplomat’s flat.” Further, a gun was also reportedly discovered under the sink in the bathroom. In addition, the diplomat’s wife was reportedly in the flat at the time of the shooting, but is safe.

A professional assassin pulling off a stealthy hit would have certainly “collected his brass,” leaving as few clues as possible. He would also not have left a gun or the victim’s own wife behind as a key witness! By leaving such obvious clues and loose end at the crime scene, this killer (with immaculate timing) very likely INTENDED for the death to get more publicity.

This hit was not meant to go unnoticed as a personal vendetta; it was meant to send a signal as a public warning on day marked by three other acts of Muslim violence.

And that is exactly how Putin is treating it: as part of Russia’s own “Benghazi.”


This aggression will not stand, man.

Instead of hiding behind an offensive YouTube video to explain the violence, Putin is directly addressing the aggression. Instead of trying to talk things out to save international face, Putin is directly warning the attackers that there will be vengeance. Instead of shrugging it off, Putin is telling the world that, at this point, this violence makes a very big difference.

That is how a true leader steps up for his nation. And that is why Putin and Trump seem to mesh on a deep level: they will both fight for their own people.