Gun Owner Saves Officer

PUBLISHED: 7:35 PM 5 Feb 2018

2nd Amendment Win, Gun Owner Stops Assault On Police Officer

The officer was in trouble and this man could have prevented a tragedy.

Just recently, Derek Meyer, a concealed carry permit holder, used his firearm to stop an attack against a Utah police officer who was being savagely beaten by someone who had been rummaging around inside of a donation bin.

Last year, the liberal New York Times published an article claiming that “the grim truth is that concealed-carry permit holders are rarely involved in stopping crime.” Countless stories, however, make it abundantly clear that this claim is nothing more than a lie and anti-gun propaganda.

Just recently, for example, a police officer in Utah was attacked by a man who was rummaging around inside a donation bin. Fortunately, though, a good guy with a gun was nearby and managed to stop the attack and rescue the officer.

Specifically, an unidentified Springville police officer reportedly noticed a person, later identified as Paul Douglas Anderson, in a Tabatha’s Way donation bin. Upon seeing Anderson, the officer approached and ordered him to get out.

He complied but allegedly refused to take his hands out of his pockets. Eventually, he took his hands out of his pockets, but it wasn’t to surrender. Instead, it was to repeatedly punch the officer in the face.  

During the assault against the law enforcement official, Derek Meyer, a concealed-carry permit holder, passed by and noticed what was happened. Concerned, he immediately did a u-turn, parked nearby, and then drew his firearm. He then approached Anderson and ordered him to surrender.

Upon seeing Meyer’s gun, he ceased the assault against the officer and promptly fled the scene. Shortly after, several other officers arrived and proceeded to search the area for him. After about a half hour, they found him hiding under a flatbed trailer.

Following the incident, Springville Corporal Cory Waters praised Meyer’s for getting involved. “Had he not been in the right place at the right time, who knows what would have happened,” commended Waters.

“He definitely stopped the attack from continuing and becoming much worse. He might have even saved either one of their lives,” continued Waters, noting, “it could have gone really bad, even for the suspect.”

While speaking to reporters afterward, Meyer explained why he carries a concealed weapon. “I carry a gun to protect me and those around me, but primarily I carry a gun to protect my family first and foremost,” he explained, adding, “outside of that, if I were to use my gun to protect anyone it would be law enforcement or military personnel.”

When asked why he decided to intervene, he mentioned that “[it’s] because of who [he is]. [It’s] not to get any extra attention or to have people talk about me or anything I did.”

Another story that highlights the importance of a concealed-carry permit occurred a few months weeks ago. Specifically, having a concealed firearm helped a good Samaritan in Nevada protect a child from being kidnapped.

Thankfully, the brave hero didn’t have to fire his weapon in order to save the child. He simply shouted at the suspect and showed him the firearm that was resting on his hip.

According to reports, the incident began when Justin Pearson, a 36-year-old concealed-carry permit holder from Las Vegas, Nevada, witnessed a “big BMW” speeding down the street in front of his house.

“We heard this real [sic] loud noise outside. I opened up the door, and this big BMW goes flying by — 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. I dialed 911 immediately,” Pearson recollected during an interview shortly after the incident occurred.

Upon answering his call, a concerned 911 operator asked Pearson for the driver’s license plate number, which he didn’t see. Determined to hold the driver accountable for his reckless behavior, Pearson rushed after the speeding vehicle. Out of habit, he grabbed his firearm, which he never goes anywhere without, and put it on his right hip before leaving his house.

At one point during what ended up being a relatively brief pursuit, the BMW almost collided into a house. The driver, however, was ultimately able to regain control of the vehicle before crashing. The car then spun around and stopped in front of his neighbor’s yard, where a 6-year-old boy was standing.

“About 50 yards in front of me, the driver grabs this young child and starts stuffing him in the car,” continued Pearson, who remembers telling the 911 dispatcher, “holy crap, he just took a child, and he’s trying to stuff him into the car!”

Thankfully, it wasn’t just him versus the kidnapper. Pearson also had his Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol legally resting on his side. “I carry a concealed firearm everywhere I go,” Pearson mentioned to reporters.

Upon seeing the man trying to stuff the small child into the car, Pearson decided to take action. Thinking quickly, he shouted at the suspect and reached for his firearm.

“I lifted up my shirt and put my hand on my gun. ‘Hey, stop!’ I said, real [sic] loud. [The suspect] turned and looked at me. There was just enough of a delay for the kid to get out of the car,” recalled Pearson. “I know he saw the firearm,” he added with confidence, noting, “if I didn’t have a firearm, I don’t think there’s much I could have done.”

Shortly after the incident occurred, investigators reported that the attempted-kidnapper was the child’s biological father, who didn’t have parental rights or permission to take the child.

Without a doubt, those who risk their lives to stop crime or save others are extremely honorable people. Hopefully, Meyer’s story inspires others to consider arming themselves so that they can potentially do the same when faced with a similar situation.