PUBLISHED: 5:23 PM 16 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 5:42 PM 16 Jan 2018

28-Year-Old In Custody, Argument With Mother Over Video Games Rages

Sam Di Gangi by

Police have been seeing a growing number of very disturbing and needless deaths.

Police have been seeing a growing number of very disturbing and needless deaths.

There exists in our culture a rot that was not there before. It was carefully crafted throughout the decades via the removal of Christ and his truths from the society, by catering to victim mentalities, and by a public school system that makes far too many of us narcissists. There are certainly other causes, but suffice to say, there is a fury that bubbles in many of us that are unleashed without warning and with growing frequency.

Police One have shown this to be the case as “28-year-old Ceres man is being held without bail after police said he fatally shot his mother in the head.” The reason? The killer blamed “her for breaking his video-game headset during an argument.”

There must have been signs seen by someone prior to last Thursday night around 9:48 p.m. when Ceres police were alerted that someone had been shot at a “home in the 1300 block of River Valley Circle.” Perhaps if they had been noted, this travesty could have been halted. Instead, the 68-year-old lady lost her life at the hands of her own son, Matthew Nicholson.

This man killed his own mother over a broken video game headset….that he broke!

She was taken to a local hospital but was not able to survive the gunshot that she had endured. It is being reported that Nicholson had been playing video games when a fight of some kind happened. Ironically enough, it was he who broke the headset, not his mother, Lydia Susanne Nicholson.

However, the rage reached a level to where the man had threatened to kill both his mother and father over the breakage. He took a gun, fired two shots into the wall, and then took his mother’s life by delivering a deadly shot to her skull.

Thankfully, the man’s father, Loren Nicholson, 81, was able to “wrestle the gun” from the shooter who fled “in a vehicle to a relatives house in Riverbank.”

A sister has been identified by Police One but refused comment.

Mrs. Nicholson (pictured left) lost her life needlessly.

While it may be that a video game headset set off this powder keg, it is certainly more than video game addiction that led to this needless death. We are starting to care for our things more than for our loved ones and friends.

We spend time ticking away on our phones texting and less time with the people who we are really with us, for instance. There is a divide between people that was never part of us or our way of life before. We don’t cherish those around us as we should, and we cherish our items which we own far too much.

Regardless of the reasoning, we are seeing this kind of violence happening all around us, often targetted at those who we are to love the most.

If this trend does not contract, and quickly, America is going to fall victim to itself and have no one else to blame.

Source: Police One