PUBLISHED: 5:44 PM 17 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 6:01 PM 17 Mar 2017

28% Of The Swamp On The Run: ‘Darkest’ Agency From Last Administration Being SLASHED


Many of the needless spending waste that Obama championed is being gutted by Donald Trump.

Trump has promised to bring costs down at the federal level. While many presidents have claimed such lofty ideals, this time a president is really doing it.  The budget outlined by Trump shows “major increases in defense spending while calling for major cuts to domestic spending, the State Department and foreign aid,” according to Yahoo News. We know that the president has already deleted a WHOLE FLOOR of waste at the State Department. Neither Secretary of State Tillerson nor Trump have any plans to replace those that were let go, either.

Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director, stated today that “The president wrote for the nation and we wrote a budget based on his campaign promises and that’s what you see. The federal budget actually has a bunch of different pieces … we tax revenues in there, you have longer-term policies, you have mandatory spending, all that will be encapsulated in a budget that we will release in May.” It must NOT be overlooked that Mulvaney said that “campaign promises” were what this was based on. They went back and “watched tape,” listened to what Trump said and wrote in his speeches, then used THAT to craft his budget. When is the last time that a president was that honest about his word and promise(s) to the American people?


Trump is not spending on defense to start an offensive war, but rather, is taking nations that threaten us at their word. This is their doing, not his. He is making a military so strong that we won’t ever need to use it, as he had sworn to do.

Highlighting this, Mulvaney went on to say, “We wrote it using the president’s own words. We went through his speeches, we went through articles that have been written about his policies … and we turned those policies into numbers. So you had an America-first candidate — you have an America-first budget.” That is pure music to the ears of everyone who pulled the crank for Trump, as well as to every economic mind who is worth their salt.

As for the State Department cuts, Mulvaney said, “that is not a commentary on the president’s policies toward the State Department. That is a comment on the president’s policies toward what is in their budget. The foreign aid line items just [sic] happen to fall in State.” This means that the aid was out of line with the amount that the nation could afford to spend. This is Trump stopping some of the free money going everywhere so that America can be put first. The nation is simply spending too much and headed for a terrible fall. If not prevented, American may one day be asking for aid from other nations, and that just can not be allowed to happen.


This seems like a fair breakdown of costs for the money at hand. For instance, there is a 15 percent chance that we will need our military. It should be funded as such.

The Pentagon, in Trump’s plan, is to get 10 percent more, giving them a defense budget that comes in at $639 billion ($54 billion more). Nations only do this to prepare for war or to start a war. Since Trump has all but begged states like Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia to not force his hand, it seems that he is preparing for what may happen. After all, these nations and others have chosen to promise American bloodshed, so Trump would be a fool to ignore it. That is one of the things that lead to 9/11.

Further waste is being sliced away from the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development, both of which will see a cut of 28 percent. Congress, it is said, may be a bit leery of this, but the State Department itself knows that it will help “advances the national security interests of the United States.” At the same time, they will be “supporting other critical foreign assistance efforts.” If the State Department needed more, they would be protesting, but they are not. This is likely due to ideas paved by Ron Paul many years ago who noted that it is harder to find a needle in a haystack if one keeps adding hay.


The new Trump budget is preparing for threats from Russia and North Korea just in case they really are foolish enough to start a war.

Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis has issued a bit of a warning about the practice. “If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition ultimately. So I think it’s a cost-benefit ratio. The more that we put into the State Department’s diplomacy, hopefully, the less we have to put into a military budget as we deal with the outcome of an apparent American withdrawal from the international scene.” However, if the State Department was doing such a wondrous job as it was its massive form, then why is America doing so badly in the eyes of the world?  Clearly, a streamlined approach that sees fewer people doing more efficient work is the way to go.

The best news of all is that the lie of global warming and all of the junk science that goes with it is in deep trouble for next four years. This is even after Obama hid money used to fund the false climate change scam to pick our pockets. “Trump, who has in the past called global warming a ‘hoax,’ wants to reduce the agency’s budget by 31 percent, or a total of $2.6 billion,” according to same Yahoo News article. Even more remarkable news is that the EPA’s Director, Scott Pruitt, has said that he does not think that C02 is a “primary contributor” to global warming. The EPA has mislead people in the other direction prior to Pruitt and his accurate assessment. It is being hoped that the agency will alter their stand. That would only make sense, at this point.


Proof (pictured) has long proven that man is not warming the planet, but that group like NOAA are faking the data on purpose.

The Department of Education has proved so wasteful that they are in the plans to lose 13 percent. It may sound like an attack on education, but can anyone really call the indoctrination and half facts taught in schools today an “education?” Most graduates are lucky to be able to spell the word, so their funding is getting cut so that private, charter and other working schools can see more traffic.

Another 17.9 percent ($15.1 billion) ) is being cut from Medicaid, Social Security and the Department of Health and Human Services. This too may sound like a plan to hurt the neediest among us, but TrumpCare is being ironed out to cover the roles that these agencies were once needed in a time before Obamacare. Now, for better or for worse, the federal government is dabbling in healthcare, so Trump is just moving the money, not really cutting it. TrumpCare has its own costs. Trump aims to cut the funding for “Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the National Endowment for the Arts and the United States Institute of Peace,” in total. Unless someone really likes Classical Music, and has no internet, won’t matter too much to anyone.

Lastly, the Department of Homeland Security is to see an increase in spending, some of which ($2.8 billion) is to be used towards The Wall until Mexico is taxed into repaying the U.S. All in all, while everyone likes “the Arts,” the government has no business paying for them. Trump has done with this budget just what he had promised. Now, if only we could do something about TrumpCare.