PUBLISHED: 12:04 AM 20 Dec 2016
UPDATED: 12:08 AM 20 Dec 2016

231 Criminals In One Day: Obama Sets Record For Presidential Pardons

Such a disgrace!

Such a disgrace!

Such a disgrace!

Barack Hussein Obama continues to set records for all of the wrong reasons.

On Monday, Obama broke another record as he granted clemency to 231 federal inmates, the most in a single day by any president in U.S. history.

Obama commuted the prison sentences of 153 people and pardoned 78 others, a sign he is ramping up his use of clemency power during his final weeks in office.

This is who he sides with...

This is who he sides with…

Obama indicated that he will do free hundreds of inmates before he leaves for two reasons:

First, Obama argued that blacks are disproportionately jailed and added that many do not deserve prison. Keep in mind these convicts are not in jail, they are in federal prison. So their drug offenses were severe enough to land them several years in prison.

But Obama blames their sentence on race, and not the offenses they committed.

Second, Obama fears that Donald Trump, who campaigned as a law-and-order candidate, will scale back or eliminate the use of clemency for large groups of federal inmates.

Obama has granted clemency more times than any U.S. president, which means he is setting free rapists, murderers, and drug dealers to live in communities again.

Should President Trump unravel all of Obama’s actions and continues to jail offenders that broke the law–including murderers, rapists, and drug dealers?

Leave us your comments on Obama’s actions and share this if you think Trump should no longer allow these criminals to go free!