Podesta Bribery?

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 21 Mar 2019
UPDATED: 12:53 PM 22 Mar 2019

2020 Candidate Refused To Investigate Podesta Scheme, Then Collected ‘Bribes’

Kamala Harris has the Latino community furious for refusing to investigate a scam run by Heather Podesta, and then accepting what looks like bribes in the form of ‘donations’ from the same people.

It is more than strange that these prominent democrats were not investigated and then delivered donations to Harris.

Democratic 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris is being blasted by Latino activists for refusing to investigate a Ponzi scheme run by Heather Podesta, wife of Tony Podesta, and then acceptingbribes’ in the form of donations, they claim.

At the time, Harris was Attorney General in California and the Ponzi scheme was orchestrated by Herbalife lobbyist Heather Podesta.

Tony Podesta, her husband, has strong ties to Hillary Clinton, and her brother-in-law John Podesta ran Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

At the time, Harris was the Attorney General of California, but outright refused to investigate the fraudulent pyramid scheme operated by Herbalife, and which targeted mainly Latinos.

In fact, these Podesta’s are all lobbyists integral in the democrat machine.

The Washington Free Beacon noted:

“Herbalife’s records indicate that at least 60% of the company’s distributors are Spanish-speaking Hispanics. And the total number of Hispanics might be as high as 80% when bilingual and English speakers are included.”

In 2013, the League of United Latin American Citizens and four other groups begged Harris to investigate Herbalife for its fraud.

Without any explanation as to why, Harris refused.

Various other investigations were already being conducted around the country, so it seems strange that Harris wouldn’t jump in.

In fact, in 2015, prosecutors in the San Diego office of the California attorney general sent a lengthy memo to Harris, strongly urging her to investigate the deceptive marketing practices.

However, it doesn’t seem as strange when the facts are laid out.

Documents obtained by Yahoo News show:

“About three weeks after the San Diego letter was sent, Harris received the first of three donations to her campaign for the U.S. Senate from Heather Podesta, the powerful Washington lobbyist whose ex-husband Tony’s firm, then called the Podesta Group, had worked for Herbalife since 2013.

Heather Podesta’s own lobbying firm, Heather Podesta and Partners, would soon be hired by Herbalife, too.

“Harris did not pursue an investigation — even as the Federal Trade Commission proceeded with an investigation of its own — which had been opened the previous March, and which suggested that sufficient grounds for such scrutiny did exist.

“The San Diego letter had meticulously laid out those grounds, pointing out that Herbalife presented itself to the public as a lawful enterprise, but that it could nevertheless be ‘engaged in less obvious conduct’ that potentially harmed both Herbalife distributors and Herbalife customers.”

“It’s disgusting,” said Latino anti-Herbalife activist Julie Contreras, adding “Kamala Harris did a huge injustice.”

BizPac Review reported:

In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission won a $200 million settlement from Herbalife for its long history of fraud. Other states that sued Herbalife also received settlements, while California sat on its hands — thanks to its attorney general Kamala Harris.

This isn’t the first time that Harris has been accused of turning a blind eye to crimes committed by those close to her.

As California attorney general, Harris also did nothing when one of her top aides was forced to pay out $400,000 to settle a 2016 sexual harassment claim. That senior aide worked for Harris even after she became a U.S. Senator.

He resigned in December 2018 — only after his sexual harassment settlement was revealed in the press.

Kamala Harris — a junior senator who assumed office in 2017 — rose to fame this year after viciously attacking Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation, when he was smeared with sham, 11th hour sexual misconduct claims.

Such actions on the part of a person responsible for justice is sickening.