PUBLISHED: 8:32 PM 8 Feb 2017

2016 Gov. Financials Out: Obama Did Not Just Destroy Our Economy…What He Did In 2016 Ruins Us


Obama leaves behind one final gift for the American people…

If someone said that they wanted to be in charge of the most important aspect of a person’s life in terms of finances, if they wanted to oversee the economic intricacies of things like investment portfolios and stock options but they could not balance even a checkbook, would anyone select this person for the job? To the amazement of many, this is just what America did when it chose Barack Obama a second time after knowing how far in debt his senseless economic views put the nation during the first four years suffered.

Well, the bill has just been totaled -likely with a quantum super computer for processing power with such high numbers – and the news is less than good. In fact, the news could not be much worse because, at $533.2 billion dollars making the U.S. debt now 1 TRILLION dollars for JUST 2016, we are talking about money and numbers in name only. There is no way for any man or woman to really “know” what a trillion dollars actually is. A trillion is described by one mathematician as follows in an effort to even TRY and explain the magnitude;  1 million seconds is about 11.5 days, 1 billion .seconds is about 32 years while a trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years.


…1 TRILLION dollars in debt. If each tiny square was $10,000, this is what one trillion dollars would look like. “Thanks, Obama.”

With this massive number in our heads, let us continue to study and realize the fact that our government can not even exist without racking up numbers that it takes mathematicians to calculate. There are only about 7.5 billion people in the whole world, so for a trillion dollars, in theory, America could have made the whole world rich with the money.

The hair in the soup is that America never really had a trillion dollars, we simply spent it. When this bill comes due it will present itself as a crash not seen since the Roman Empire died. American money is backed by no gold, silver, or….anything. It is printed by the Federal Reserve that is immune thus far from audit, forced onto the public with a debt even though it costs almost nothing to print, and everyone pays interest on it. How long can that last?

Even if our currency was backed by gold in stacks, America could never have a trillion dollars in gold, so the Austrian theory of economic minds like that of Ron Paul can only help so much. The time to listen to Austrian’s theory was long before a trillion dollars in debt was incurred. We do not need as a nation an economist, we need an exorcist. The borrowing and outright stealing and manipulations that lead to bank bailouts in the U.S. while Greenland imprisoned their banker/traitors for their role in the 2008 world crash says it all.


Many in America who favor sound monetary practices are hoping that Trump does in fact audit the Federal Reserve.

It is reminded that there were no wars happening that can be pointed to as reasons for this since it does not cost that much to defeat ISIS. It would not cost $533 billion to defeat ISIS if they were flying black flags on 99% of the world, much less a trillion dollars. There was no 9/11 and we were told that the crash of 2008 was nothing but a fading nightmare, that it was safe to again fall asleep.

The real reason that the debt went up so much is because Obama could not admit that the problem that had been brewing since Nixon unwisely took America off of the gold standard was now so bad that there was no way to fix it. He just turned on the Fed’s printing press and handed out free money to everyone who no longer had a job or a home.

This made Obama very popular among people who were both jobless and homeless, and since the Nixon idea had been passed like the flu from one administration to another, so many were jobless and without a home that their numbers were able to outnumber those who did. The downtrodden were too economically uneducated to know how bad policy had caused this and they elected Obama not so much because they liked him or his policies, most could not even name any of them, but they knew that they liked getting bailed out. For this reason, they picked him. It really is that simple. It is also why Obama ran up so much debt so that in essence, it cost America 1 trillion dollars a year (at least for one year) to elect him!


While being one of the more unfairly judged presidents in U.S. history since he did a lot of good as well, his move to remove America from the gold standard was one of the worst ideas in economic world history.

America is said to be worth just shy of $19.3 trillion dollars when all of the pointy heads figure it down to the fact and that is saying that we owe as much or more than we are worth, depending on how it is presented. We are called to remember that Cyprus fell overnight and the people saw their bank accounts raided by the government in 2013. It happened so quickly that the many in the world who do not read the paper do not even know it. While America is quite a bit more stable than Cyprus in theory, the problem is that when TRILLIONS of dollars in debt is laid beside either the worth of Cyprus OR America, both nations appear just as small. That is how big a trillion really is, so thank you, Mr. Obama. Make sure to thank Mr. Nixon if you see him in your nightmares.

America seems to think that we can keep giving away our birthright and remain welcomed in our own home. We think that we can afford free education, free healthcare, big screen TV’s in every home, new cell phones with all of the up and extra’s, and even afford to leave our border as open as a dime store brothel. We have been lead to think this because we are looking at the greatness that remains and not seeing the falling that has taken place. We see what great minds have built in the past and that we did nothing more than inherit it by the act of being born and we think that it will always be this way. The Romans thought this way before they fell into the Dark Ages, too.


Just as America today, Romans believed themselves too lofty to fall, and when they did, the fallout was felt all over the world and lead to the Dark Ages. The fall began with manipulations of gold and debt mixed with warfare. Sound familiar?

Donald Trump can only do so much with this mess. He can try and lesson the coming fall, he can attempt to bring our jobs back so that we can at least rely on ourselves for production and energy needs, but he can not halt the crash. As for the one trillion dollars, we can always hope that the crash is put off another day, but it is well on the way as seen in how we are still in the grips of 2008’s fall. Beyond that, perhaps the next time that a Democrat wants to give us something for free, we should hand them the bill. Tell them that it is free, too.