PUBLISHED: 9:23 PM 29 Nov 2017

2015 Obama-Era Rule In Significant Danger As Members Give Approval, But With Twist

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai speaks about the repeal of "Net Neutrality"

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai speaks about the repeal of “Net Neutrality”

During a conference on Wednesday, hosted by the R. Street Institute in Washington, D.C, the Federal Communication’s Committee (FCC) saw a handful of chair members express their feelings about the controversial “Net Neutrality” regulations. Sentiment of a return to the pre-Obama regulations of the internet was in the air.

In attendance were speakers such as FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Commissioner Brendan Carr and Commissioner Michael O’Reilly. With these three members reminiscent of a free and open internet, they have the votes needed to repeal the “Net Neutrality” rules passed in 2015, but there is a twist.

Three years ago, the FCC held a commission to impose Title II regulation which labelled the internet as a common carrier. With a vote along party lines, the five-person commission made the decision to label the whole internet like an insured stage coach.

This has allowed tech companies to store, sell and buy personal information. This personal information can range from the way you type to the ads you scroll past. The increasingly personalized ads are not virtue of advanced technology, but rather greater tracking and social engineering.

The labelling also made it more difficult to invest in the common carrier. A small oligarchy of technology businesses was formed around controlling the highly regulated internet. Investment in broadband is still lower today than it was before the regulations took place.

There is another commission scheduled for December 15th. Chairman Pai explains they plan on repealing these industries killing regulations. Bringing free speech back to the internet, the process could take a year while proceedings and hearings are held.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was nominated to the commission in 2012 by President Obama and appointed unanimously. President Trump asked that he serve as chairman of the commission. He was confirmed by the Senate in 2017 and given a five-year term.

In his remarks, Pai signaled out Twitter as holding a double standard to the rights of internet freedom. He argued content providers, as opposed to Internet Service Providers (ISP), will be the harbinger of censorship. The chairman labeled twitter as a lead offender.

Twitter now gets to unilaterally decide what their end client experiences. Twitter writes their own algorithms to censor and hide conservative views and ideas. Offensive material and fake news are so vague and obscure that the labels may apply to any thing.

Cigar companies have been blocked by apps for promoting tobacco. Streaming services block conservative views all the way to YouTube refusing to air a senate hopeful campaign ad. Her video argued she fought against the sale of body parts, referring to Planned Parenthood.

Google and Facebook have regularly admitted to de-ranking and hiding news articles. Google admits they hide RT and Sputnik on their search engine. Facebook had a trending story about how they create what is a trending story.

Even the website Reddit has admitted to de-ranking and hiding content from popular web community /r/The_Donald. The website went so far as to change the number of people subscribed for no other reason than to discourage more from joining.

Stories broke in 2016 of the Reddit CEO, Steve Huffman, changing user comments to mock the community.  Amid the rise of the endless ‘pizzagate’ conspiracy, the chief executive officer deleted an entire community trying to investigate a conspiracy which has only built upon the conspiracy.

A group of people gathering to exchange ideas and relate concerns to each other was mocked, had their speech was literally taken from them and then they were shunned and shamed. This is the result of “Net Neutrality” rules and showcases why they must be repealed.

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have become guardians and source of knowledge on the internet. There are increasingly less interactions on the internet that do not leave out the giant Silicon Valley companies.

Federal Trade Commission Acting Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen agreed with Pai’s sentiment. She claimed it was ridiculous the FCC should regulate the internet as a Title II entity at all. The Federal Trade Commission using trade regulations would have more power and authority with safeguards in place to protect consumer private information.

Maureen also concurs that by removing the “Net Neutrality” rules it will promote innovation and allow for a greater range than what ISP’s currently offer. With different data packages customized to the consumer a greater competition can foster and prices will be driven down.