Would Deny Muslims

PUBLISHED: 7:56 PM 12 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 7:58 PM 12 Jun 2018

20 Percent Of Voters Would Deny Muslims Right To Vote?

A new study found that 1 in 5 voters would support denying Muslims the right to vote in U.S. elections.

Americans would support banning Muslims right to vote in U.S.

A new “fund voter” study from the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group reveals that one in five American voters would support denying Muslims the right to vote in American elections.

Amid the study showing that 20 percent of U.S. citizens has legitimate fears about Muslims and radical Islam, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution claims President Donald Trump is to blame for Americans being, as the outlet claims, racist, Islamophobic, and bigoted. The media is pushing out pure propaganda in a pathetic attempt to attack Trump and enrage their base.

The study found that a majority of Americans believe that Muslim Americans do not respect American ideals, values, and laws.

When comparing Islam to Christianity, the poll also found that a majority of democrats view Muslims more favorably than Christians. Imagine that, the left is more tolerable to a religion that wants to murder people, rather than the one used to create a representative republic that provides the freedoms they enjoy.

Conversely, a majority of republicans viewed Christianity as far more favorable than Muslims and Islam.

Many republicans also said they consider Islam to be a “false religion,” and that Muslims are unwilling to “fit in” and be “sympathetic” to terror acts.

The AJC, a staunch liberal publication, blamed Muslim stereotyping on conservatism, saying republicans and Trump are the sole reason people fear Muslims and Islam.

Conservative Daily Post has reported extensively on how Islamic culture encourages Muslim men to beat, rape, and inflict violence on their wives — and other women — who disobey them. Radical terrorists have been carrying out violent attacks across Europe and throughout the Middle East for decades, yet liberals don’t believe in taking any action.

When leaders like Trump raise legitimate concerns about Islamic practices, liberal studies and outlets portray conservatives as racist and bigoted for wanting to wipe terrorist groups like the Islamic State off the face of the earth.

In fact, they demand the world treat a patriarchal, abusive culture better than one based on equality.

The study and AJC story went on to claim that racism has become more prevalent under Trump, and that Americans aren’t entitled to have concerns about a group whose religion encourages violence and death against Christians and non-believers.

Liberals demand Americans accept diversity of opinion and different viewpoints, yet they scold conservatives for doing just that.

The left wants to bully people into allowing Islam to spread its roots, yet denigrates those who have legitimate concerns about a religion that encourages violence and oppression.

Democrats claim to be a champion for women’s rights, but demand Americans cater to a religion that doesn’t allow women any basic human rights.

Americans agree with Trump that Islam is a violent religion, and that allowing those who practice this religion to vote in American elections could have catastrophic consequences.