PUBLISHED: 5:38 PM 17 Apr 2017

20 Classes Set To End As College Makes Cuts In Order Cover For Union Costs


Classrooms are a lot more vaccant since labor union wages destroyed the colleges construction budget.

In China today, life is so bad at work that suicide nets need to erected at places like the Apple Store to prevent workers from willfully jumping to their own deaths from the misery. In large parts of Mexico, the workforce works for almost nothing, toiling their lives away for almost no gain whatsoever. Even in America, labor bosses used to abuse, degrade, and overwork the people, even making children work grueling, thankless hours. It is hard to say just how bleak America could look today if unions had not formed and demanded change. Considering how the 1% horde more wealth than 50% of the world, once can guess that it would be very bad, indeed.

That said, unions saved the nation only to kill it! This began by demanding way more money than the bosses than was earned, whereas before they were being cheated. A job that was getting, for instance, $8 an hour and was doing $12 work got $22 an hour from the unions. This may have sounded good, but it was killing business. Then politicians refused to keep our jobs in the country. They allowed greedy CEO’s to hires slaves in other nations and to work them to death for profit. So with unions doing as much harm as good, we see in The University of Massachusetts, Boston that thanks to being tied into “union only” contracts, costs have soared so high that 20 summer classes had to be erased from the blackboard to make up for it.


While unions are quite corrupt and greedy, labor laws before they came to be worked children to death in America.

According to the Daily Signal, the college is battling a “$30 million operating deficit that is due in part to a project labor agreement that requires unions to be the ‘sole and exclusive’ source of job-site labor.” This means that there are two valid sides to this. First off, if the other companies are not starving their workers, then competing against a union should be legal. Then again, if unions are undercut, how long before the greed that we saw before the unions arrived takes over again? It is not an easy debate to have, which leads up to point two: the college may be able to get by on a few less labor related jobs than what would have called for $30 million greenbacks! They can’t get by on less?

Due to increasing costs, the corrupt student loan racket that is now well-known, and the fact that America has no jobs in it any longer, less people are enrolling in college. It seems that the lack of opportunity in the country has been noticed at last. Less people are going to go to college and pay a fortune to have no job to graduate into. The college’s fundraising has been abysmal, too, since who is going to give funds to a college to teach people skills for careers that don’t exist?


The other side of the coin: Unions chase business’s away when they ask for more than what is fair.

Those who are being referred to as “university system’s building authority” foolishly approved a 10-year “master plan” that called for $750 million in labor. Maybe if they had not tried to bite off such a big bite, then they may not be choking. It is not like they did not know that they had a contract with the union. Sure, the union may be corrupt, but it is the college which made the deal so it is their fault as well. J. Keith Motley, the chancellor, stepped down, but still defends his ill thought 10-year spending spree by saying, “I have no regrets because if the creator blesses me to walk on this campus three years from now and you walk it with me, I know you’ll see an incredible institution.” That is like saying that if the family buys a $100,000 sports car when they earn $10,000 a year, they’ll have a nice car, but nothing else. There is no logic to be found here.

This is typical spending for the left. Leftist colleges are gouging students and parents for overpriced colleges that know that they are cheating the families to start with. They are just dangling the carrot, yet the students only get the stick, so to speak. In 2001 they had to send students off campus to live (which is not such a big deal) and Motley was told in 2014, “We are running out of money.” So we have a leftist spender hiring the most expensive leftist workforce in America and they wonder why they are going bankrupt. This is much of what lead to the crash of 2008. America still has not emerged from that mess, besides greedy banks cheating everyone. The population bought too much steak on a lunchmeat budget and went belly up.


The top 1% own more wealth than the bottom 50% of the planet. This means that both the left and right, at the very top, are the cause of most of the economic problems in the world today.

It is not popular to say that, but just the same, it is the truth. Too many Americans wanted to live as their grandparents had, but the jobs were sent away by then. Instead of electing someone like President Donald Trump 20 years ago and stopping NAFTA, they decided to use credit cards and “easy free” money than marching on D.C. So the sheeple spent that money on new Blue Ray Players, big screen TV’s (when their old one worked fine), and huge homes that they could not afford, because their own government had sold them out with trade deals and outsourcing.

So that leaves us where? Well, on one hand we have the greed of many CEO’s and elites who feel that earning $50 million for themselves is fine, even thought the man mopping his floor is on food stamps. THAT IS NOT RIGHT. Then again, we have the “savior” unions who want to pay the man mopping $25 an hour, which is also NOT RIGHT. However, the gentleman mopping (to remain with the analogy) hasn’t had a chance to work his way up because H-1B visas are allowing aliens from other lands to swoop in for bargain basement prices and undercut the progress and upward mobility of our mopper. He, in turn, feels that $25 is just since he would happily work his way up for less, but that is denied him.


The university said that it had trouble with fundraising attempts. With graphs showing facts such as these (pictured), it is clear why that is.

At the end of the day, there is no right answer that is going to solve this, because the problem is greed and nothing more. The CEO’s and elites have it and will work a person to death to make an extra nickel, while people on the low end decide to ask for way too much when help does come. As this plays out, it is more vital than ever that outsourcing is halted. If companies can not outsource any longer then they will be forced to pay what American’s demand. This is good, too, as long as we don’t always demand so much.