PUBLISHED: 6:50 AM 21 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 6:11 PM 21 Jan 2018

JUST IN: 17-Month Investigation Culminates In Newsweek RAID, Servers Seized As Illegal Actions Exposed

Bryan Zormeier by

The District Attorney's office seized multiple servers and computers in a raid on fake news outlet Newsweek.

The District Attorney’s office seized multiple servers and computers in a raid on fake news outlet Newsweek.

A 17-week investigation has culminated in a raid on the media group, Newsweek. The agents seized several servers and took hundreds of photos as part of a continuing investigation. The liberal news outlet is being looked into for illegal practices.

Earning themselves a place on the president’s fake news awards, Newsweek was looking for a story to redeem their good name. They may have prayed a little too hard as the media group’s headquarters in New York was raided by federal officials. Originally presumed to be conducted by the New York Police Department, the NYPD denied being any part of any actions in a now-deleted tweet.

The Manhattan District Attorneys Office was in the downtown building for hours accumulating evidence. Inside the fifth floor of 7 Hanover Square, teams from the district attorney were seen taking pictures and cataloging computers.

Shortly before 8 a.m., investigators arrived at the building. The Newsweek Media Group, formerly IBT Media, hosted a team of forensic investigators for six hours. Home to Newsweek and International Business Times, accounts report the team was interested in computer serial numbers and walked out with several servers and computers.

Believed to be involved with Olivet University, the San Francisco school has alleged ties to South Korean televangelist pastor David Jang. One lawyer told onlookers during the raid, the investigation had been occurring for 17 months and no one had informed the media group.

The attorney claimed they are cooperating with the investigation. Last year, cofounder Etienne Uzac was hit with a federal tax lien. The IRS charged the company with a total $1.2 million by the end of 2016. Uzac’s wife served as a translator for David Jang and has close ties with the Olivet University in San Francisco.

Jang employed both Chinese and Korean citizens who attended the Olivet University on student visas. He would have the immigrants secretly work with the International Business Times.

Newsweek Media and their stockholders have no issue associating with dubious figures and questionable characters. The veracity of the news being reported and their increasingly outrageous headlines have landed the company in hot water in just the last week alone.

Besides from their completely fake news about the Polish First Lady not shaking the hand of the president, in the last week the outlet has gone crazy with conspiracy theories. Announcing Hillary Clinton could still become president, other headlines appeared accusing the president of having erectile dysfunction.

Over the past year during their descent into madness suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, the media group printed headlines denouncing the first lady because of the removal of a tree. The 200-year-old tree had been allowed to die and become a public health hazard under Obama. In October, a full retraction was ordered over a story about the Las Vegas shooting.

Forensic investigators are seen entering the building in downtown Manhattan.

From using the intentionally false information to leaking purposefully harmful discussions, the news company has become synonymous with fake news. Are they so fake they could be colluding with the Russians? It seems others could be guilty of that same thing.

The Washington Free Beacon hired Bean Llc, or Fusion GPS, to investigate the president. Testimony by the co-founder revealed many mainstream media practices to be tantamount to treason. Colluding with political campaigns, current administrations, and even the Russians, mainstream media outlets across the board have been named in a new testimony given to the House Intelligence Committee.

Although much of the transcript has been released, many parts have been redacted and left out. The Washington Free Beacon was left in the testimony released to the public because of the previous report from the Washington Post, but other groups may have been left out as part of an ongoing investigation.

It feels like the true Russian hoax has been the  17-month investigation. Recent reports have begun to circulate around the internet of a memo being shown to Representatives. Reports claim the memo is both scandalous and salacious. The memo is said to hold information connecting media outlets to illegal activities and working with leakers from political campaigns and federal agencies.

The memo shows a clear line to the foundations of the Mueller investigation is built upon a lie. The extreme extent of propaganda being thrust upon the American people is astounding. President Donald Trump has been able to not only hold his own but fight back against the establishment swamp and win against the deep state.