PUBLISHED: 9:02 PM 9 May 2017

1,600 Grown Migrant Males Gifted With Housing As France Embraces Macron’s New Open Border

Migrants love French President Emmanuel Macron’s devotion to their cause. Macron has expressed support for open borders.

A makeshift migrant camp in Paris has been dismantled. Police officers began clearing the camp out early Tuesday morning. Newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron’s government has already secured stable housing for the 1,600 African and Afghan men who were living in the squalid area.

The migrants were squatting on heavily trafficked roads. Law enforcement swarmed in to remove them at the crack of dawn. Hundreds of officers were required. The migrants remained unusually calm, excited by the prospect of abandoning the dilapidated tents they’d been sleeping in.

Macron’s pro-immigration platform encourages granting limitless rights and advantages to migrants. The vast majority of the 1,600 men cleared out of the Paris camp were able-bodied adults capable of supporting themselves. Instead, they’ll be housed and maintained on the French taxpayer’s dime.

The police also corralled 75 “vulnerable” individuals, including 29 women and almost two dozen unaccompanied minors. The migrant crisis is largely fueled by volatile, angry young men. Women and children are left at home while the men of the family strike out for themselves.

Living conditions at most migrant camps in France are horrific. Migrants squat in dirty, makeshift tents.

Conditions at the Paris camp quickly degenerated into madness. There are reports of men separating into ethnic groups before launching vicious attacks on each other. The resulting squalor was incredible. Reporters described being on the campgrounds like it was a war-zone.

Nearly everyone in France agrees that migrants shouldn’t be allowed to erect tents at-will on the streets of Paris. There is disagreement, however, over the best way to deal with the situation. Macron and his ilk support allowing the migrants to suck the government teat indefinitely while they craft new lives for themselves.

Others, like defeated presidential candidate Marine le Pen, believe that economic migrants should be deported and government resources used to support citizens. France doesn’t have an infinite amount of money. The funds distributed to migrants can’t be used twice. Every franc given to a man from Afghanistan is one less franc that can go to a young man born in France or an immigrant who entered the country legally.

France has struggled to gain control of its migrant camps in recent years. The country is currently hosting far more refugees and migrants than it can comfortably hold. It took just days after one of the worst camps was cleared out before the migrants began rebuilding on the same spot.

“What’s important is that people arriving in Calais continue to be taken care of in one way or another, and that they can make asylum requests in France, as Britain continues to fail to assume its responsibilities,” Pascale Brice, head of the Ofpra, the national office for the protection of refugees and the stateless, said at the time.

1,600 mostly African and Afghan men were cleared out of a Paris migrant camp and given stable housing just days after President Macron was elected.

Of course, it’s important that everyone who arrives in France is taken care of in a basic sense, but does that mean that they should all be given free houses? Deporting economic migrants isn’t cruel. There are ways to help struggling countries that don’t involve sacrificing the safety of others. Countless neighborhoods have been destroyed by influxes of dangerous migrants. Some of the Muslims fleeing from the Middle East are jihadists in disguise.

Macron’s victory might mean that France is facing a troubled road. The migrant crisis has grown out of control; it must be contained. Le Pen was willing to enact tough measures to ensure the safety of the French. Is Macron? Liberal talking points about tolerance don’t mitigate the harm caused by illegal immigration. Most societies are not equipped to handle a sudden infusion of angry adult males. When it’s shared abroad that Macron is granting houses to thousands of migrants it’ll likely attract thousands more.

President Macron campaigned on a pro-immigration platform.

Paris residents can at least rejoice that the camp is no longer interrupting traffic. Day to day life is hardly affected by Macron’ decision to house the migrants. The potential side-effects are subtle and not likely to be noticed immediately.