PUBLISHED: 1:02 AM 12 Jan 2018

15-Year-Old’s Brutal Slaughter At Hands Of MS-13 Recorded And Narrated, All Three Enter Pleas

Baltimore Officials were quick to condemn a crime as heinous as this and yet their status as a sancutary city still remains. Nothing is going to chance unless these officials stop living in a fantasy world and recognize what is happening.

Baltimore Officials were quick to condemn a crime as heinous as this and yet their status as a sanctuary city still remains. Nothing is going to change unless these officials stop living in a fantasy world and recognize what is happening.

As the debate over immigration reform comes to a head at the White House between President Trump and top Democrats, the country is anxious to see the results. Many have been worried for some time that the Southern Border Wall is just a loose promise but many more are praying that this is not the case. The reasons for a border wall go on and on with reports of violent crimes being ushered into the United States, like where a 17-year-old female member of MS-13 stabbed a young girl to death and sliced off her tattoo to impress her superiors.

It was in January of 2017 when Venus Romero Iraheta, 17 at the time, decided that she wanted to get revenge for the death of her boyfriend. She and several of her MS-13 associated friends lured Damaris Alexandra Reyes Rivas, 15,  to her death where they beat her with sticks and stabbed her. Iraheta reportedly stated that she would see Rivas in hell for the role that Rivas played in the death of Iraheta’s boyfriend.

Revenge for the murder of a lover? Is this the United States or a Shakespeare play? The only thing worse than the “I’ll see you in hell” dialogue that was slipped in was that the gang members did this to impress leaders. Some of the assailants captured the murder of Rivas on their cell phones which they were then going to send to leaders in El Salvador.

Venus Romero Iraheta is being tried as an adult for a crime she committed when she was 17. She stabbed a girl to death 13 times, sliced off her tattoo, and said she’ll see the victim in hell.

This is the culture that lives within those who are in gangs or have friends and family in gangs.  It is one where the strong devour the weak and then the strong film it to laugh about and approve of murder. The only thing that is left to say is that hopefully, Rivas did not suffer too much as Iraheta, looking to impress senior gang members, sliced off a tattoo that Rivas had, likely as a way to remember her kill.

Not only is this the definition of barbaric, it should earn the condemnation of every single Democrat that wants to enable gangs. This is the culture that they are really defending when they attack Trump for wanting to put a stop to illegal immigration. Gangs like the vicious MS-13 use the loose security at the border to conduct human trafficking as well as drug smuggling. This is why the need for the wall is at an all-time high.

Although there is little information that would prove that Rivas had a role in the death of Iraheta’s boyfriend, evidence would do little to convince one that this was a deserved punishment. This is the kind of justice system that infects lesser organizations such as gangs where mob justice and humiliation take control. The fact that those in the group were eager to impress leaders means that this kind of barbarism is not only tolerated but ultimately encouraged.

Although President Trump’s interior work has been phenomenal in rooting out the danger that gangs like MS-13 represent, the border still needs work. These criminals will stop at nothing to achieve their goals as they are known for their ruthlessness.

It used to go without saying in America that one should be against criminal gangs as well as terrorists. However, the narrative has changed in the United States since the 2016 election where Democrats and liberals refuse to listen to reason. Illegal immigrants are members of gangs and they commit heinous crimes and yet Democrats want to offer amnesty at this time. Now being against gangs like MS-13 paints one as a racist for some reason, although that is really the only thing that leftists have to call anyone these days.

Efforts have been reformed in the nation under President Donald Trump to actually do something about the rampant illegal and gang criminal activities going on undisturbed. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been working overtime to undo many of the wrongs that were being allowed to take place during the last administration. Now arrests and raids of these illegal immigrants are up but the border still remains exposed.

The need for a border is greater now than ever as many are reporting that border crossings are once again up. Border Patrol has long been scrutinized for their methods and it seems that although the handcuffs have been removed and they are allowed to do their job, the need to increase security remains high. President Trump must deliver the promised border wall during the debates with Democrats but also stand strong on the issue of amnesty.

The very idea of Amnesty is insulting to the millions of descendants of immigrants who worked hard and fought to get in the country. That is why America has been a melting pot because everyone inside values merits over approval, amnesty will change all of that.

Amnesty is good for no one other than those who want to skip the line and cheat the system. Millions of immigrants have had to overcome the difficulties of immigrating to the United States and granting amnesty to some and not others would be a slap in the face to the immigrants who built this country.