Texas School Shooting

PUBLISHED: 10:27 PM 24 Jan 2018

15-Year-Old Wounded In School Shooting Was Target Of Attack

No motive has been released.

Yet another tragic school shooting.

School shootings are the ultimate tragedies, as they inflict devastating harm on the most innocent class of people. They are also notorious for being places where potential victims cannot defend themselves with deadly force if necessary, making schools arguably dangerous places. On Monday, this proved to be true as the horror of a school shooting occurred in Texas. Thankfully, the incident did not result in tragedy as it most definitely could have.

Just before 8 A.M., officials report, a sixteen-year-old began shooting in the cafeteria at Italy High School in Italy, Texas. A “school district worker” tried to detain the armed student who ran away. The individual was detained before he was able to cause loss of life. Ellis County Sheriff Charles Edge provided further information about the incident, reporting that the student used a .380 handgun in the attack, although it has yet to be determined where the student acquired such a weapon. While the shooter thankfully failed to cause casualties, he did injure one student, a fifteen-year-old girl.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital via helicopter but is expected to make a complete recovery. Investigators are working to determine a motive, but have not commented on if the girl who was injured was the main target. However, witnesses report that the shooter “engaged the victim” and may have shot at her multiple times.

Reporters demanded answers regarding whether the shooter and victim had a romantic history prompting the attack. Officials continue to decline on providing answers to such speculations as to not start unconfirmed allegations. However, all witness accounts attest that the victim and shooter had recently broken up and that the boy was still upset about it.

The Italy Independent School District Superintendent Lee Joffre reported “all students accounted for” following the attack. As anticipated, the school was locked down immediately following the shooting to prevent further injury had there been a second shooter. Concerned parents reportedly had altercations with law enforcement, as some tried to enter the school and contact their children. Responding officers remained firm in their operation to keep the school on lockdown. The shooter remains in police custody where he is being questioned about the incident. Investigators have also retained the gun used in the shooting.

Those involved are obviously grateful that everyone made it out of Italy High School alive on Monday. It was a lucky outcome, however, as the shooter opened fire in the cafeteria where it was reported that around 40 or 50 students congregate in the mornings. The shooter could have easily caused a tragedy had he been more motivated and able to do so.

Although no one was killed, the Texas community treated the shooting like a fatality when it gathered for a prayer vigil following the incident. Concerned citizens came together to pray for the victim’s healing and the shooter’s obvious disturbances that inspired such involvement in the attempted homicide. They embraced one another and witnesses shared their experiences.

Students who were present in the cafeteria discussed the frightening incident and reported hearing three gunshots. Those who knew the shooter also reported that he had a background in violence, which made the shooting this week unsurprising. Law enforcement cannot yet confirm these claims; however, it was indicated that the shooter was involved in a stabbing at one point, had once thrown a pair of scissors at school, and possibly had a “hit list.” The community was obviously distraught by the recent series of events and have expressed confusion and difficulty processing the attack.

If the shooter is confirmed to have committed violence previously, then from an outside perspective, it appears that there were clear warning signs indicating that he would consider harming others. The school may have been unable to do anything about his overall strange behavior, but the shooter’s parents are arguably to blame for not working more proactively to anticipate their son’s actions. The concern over where the student acquired a weapon is also being addressed; his parents may be to blame for making one reasonably available.

The “biggest little town” Italy community came together as citizens supported one another in coping with the shooting. Law enforcement, parents, and students are awaiting answers which will hopefully make sense of the horrific situation. Investigators have yet to release what charges the shooter will face, however, he can expect harsh sentencing which will hopefully address any mental health issues he possibly has. In the meantime, all the surviving individuals and their families can do is to hold one another close and be grateful that the shooting had a fortunate outcome.