PUBLISHED: 1:12 AM 12 Jan 2018

14th Amendment “Biggest Magnet,” Strange Hordes Of ‘Visitors’ Come To U.S. For One Reason Only

Our politicians have done nothing to address the perversion of the Fourteenth Amendment and now the country is drowning in anchor babies.

Our politicians have done nothing to address the perversion of the Fourteenth Amendment and now the country is drowning in anchor babies.

Birthright citizenship in the United States has led to hordes of expecting mothers to vacation in the United States to give birth. The United States and Canada are the only developed countries in the world who have this policy because it is destructive and leads to the dispossession of the founding stock of a country to foreign nationals who have no real ties to the nation.

President Trump took a stance on the issue during his campaign, he was the only candidate who strongly opposed the absurd policy. Proponents of the policy often cite a perversion of the Fourteenth Amendment to defend it, which reads in part, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF are citizens of the United States.” Illegal immigrants in the United States were not considered “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States, in the context of the amendment.

The Fourteenth Amendment was drafted to grant free Blacks born in America citizenship. The left has abused and distorted this into something which the creators of the amendment never intended it to be. Birthright citizenship robs the founding stocks future generations of their birthright, a nation created, built and maintained by many generations of their ancestors. The children of unwelcome and illegal foreign national invaders are not entitled to United States citizenship by virtue of them being born here.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 275,000 babies were born from illegal immigrants in 2014, all of them granted United States citizenship. That amounted to 7% of all births in the country that year. According to a pew research center poll, the vast majority of Democrats want to keep birthright citizenship while the majority of Republicans oppose it. Its as if Democrats have something to gain by allowing this infiltration.

“Being born in a stable does not make one a horse.”-Arthur Wellesley.

If a woman gives birth in China, my daughter would be no more Chinese than she is today. It follows, the pregnant tourist coming to the United States from China, do not consider their offspring any less Chinese. They do so to reap the rewards of what many generations of Americans have sowed. It is a form of theft and our political leaders have allowed this aggression toward the United States for so long, there are now more anchor babies in the country today than all the children born of Americans in a year.

There are companies in countries like China that thrive selling expectant mothers vacation packages which include all the arrangements for them to be able to give birth in the United States. The parents say “I’m here to give my kids better options.” More options for her children inherently mean less for American children. These people have never paid a nickel into the system and are now giving birth to children entitled to all of its services.

The parents of these children were granted protection from deportation by the Obama administration in 2011 through a memo sent to the Department of Homelands Security. Homeland Security has since revoked the policy memo after the election of President Trump. Obama used many backdoor routes to keep illegal immigrants in the country, such as the executive order that granted protection to almost 800,000 illegals known as DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

President Trump promised the American people he would do away with birthright citizenship, putting an end to the lefts perversion of a constitutional amendment which was meant to protect Blacks in America and grant them civil and constitutional rights. Interpreting this amendment in any way other than the spirit in which it was written, which is currently done and has not been challenged in the supreme court, is committing a massive injustice and fraud upon the American people.

In 2016 President Trump addressed the issue on CNN saying in an interview with Chris Cuomo, “300,000 births this year, illegals in our country, that means we picked up 300,000 people that are going to get social security. You have people on the border and in one day they walk over have a baby and now all of the sudden were supposed to pay the baby.” Birthright citizenship is not constitutional, and further erodes the coming generations prospects of enjoying a prosperous future.