PUBLISHED: 6:46 PM 17 Feb 2017

13 Atrocities Come To Light As WH Finds Specific Failure Of Obama Admin Now In Critical Condition


Our airports, bridges, roads, and power grid are all in states of horrible neglect.

When Donald Trump on the campaign trail said that America doesn’t make anything any longer, he was right. America has our cell phones that we never look up from made in other nations, our cars are made elsewhere, and every time that we call for help when our laptops crash the person on the other end is never working in America. While the U.S. has train service that takes as long as just driving and costs as much as a plane ticket, other nations like China have high-speed rails that, depending on the specifics, are less time consuming than flying.

After Jerry Brown has added to his failures by almost allowing the Oroville Dam to wash over the state of California flooding homes and power plants, it seems that Trump could have easily added that Americans no longer fix anything, either. We are 20 trillion dollars in debt, but is that to mean that our addiction to big screen TV’s and easy credit are more important than a bridge that won’t fall down when we drive over it? For that matter, had the dam flooded a (non-nuclear) power plant, America has virtually no way to repair it. This is because China makes the components for our power grid, not America for the most part. It would cost a couple of BILLION dollars to repair such a power grid nationwide if the sun so much as sniffs at a solar flare in our direction. (It would short out our power nationwide from both satellites and the power grid with a pulse like an EMP nuclear weapon)


While Jerry Brown almost allowing a terrible dam tragedy to happen has been in the news, the warning signs were seen even before Bush allowed such problems during Hurricane Katrina.

A new article published in the Economic Collapse Blog lays out a long list of over 11 things that show how correct Trump really was about Americas crumbling infrastructure, ranging from dams to Flint’s poisoned water system/pipes. For instance, America does not have even one solitary airport that is registered as the top 25 best in the world. Hubs like Atlanta and Laguardia are far behind other nations, Starbucks or not.  As for the above-mentioned dams, they are reported to be 52 years old on average. The Three Suns were on the radio 52 years ago. The three who? Point proven.

Structurally deficientis how a staggering 56,o00 bridges in America are described and listed as well. To put that into perspective, that is one failing and unsound bridge for every single person living in Greenland. Even before Jerry “Uber Alles” Brown allowed a dam to deteriorate under his watch, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave our nation’s bridges a “D” and our infrastructure as a whole a “D+”, which would not be good enough grades to even get an SJW into a community college for free.


The state of America bridges is nothing short of deplorable.

The United States Department of Transportation has declared that more than two out of every three roads in the U.S. are in what they call a “dire need of repair or upgrades” at the same time that it becomes known that congestion on our roads cost our country $101 billion  a year in wasted gas and squandered time. The greenie tree hugging left wants to limit the driving of cars when simply fixing the roads would “save the planet” much faster. Then again, the left is as prone to think logically as Jerry Brown is to notice a leaking bridge. Not that it would matter since it would cost $808 billion  to fix it all – or just under eight years of waiting in traffic.

Instead of spending more to fix the issue, the same article mentions that spending to repair our roads have gone DOWN 9% by the Federal government. Is it not the most interesting tidbit that with the U.S. is being economically raped by taxes on fuel and gas in the form of not only state taxes, but for also the disproven falsehood of global warming, yet we still don’t have enough money to fix anything? Maybe it would be a real five-star idea to start taking money away from the climate change NAZI’s and rebuild our roads.


America roads have been allowed to become so clogged and jammed that it now costs America over 8 billion dollar a year in lost fuel and time.

Maybe the worst statement to be found in the article is that “According to Bloomberg, it is being projected “that by 2025, shortfalls in infrastructure investment will subtract as much as $3.9 trillion from U.S. gross domestic product.” That means that unless the left can get onboard with Trump on the one issue that we should all agree on (any Dem’s want to fall to their death from a failed bridge?) without debate. This is something that is going to affect everyone not only in America, but also the world in that who, if anyone, is going to want to even travel here to do business if the trains are awful, our airports are sub par, and our roads look like Iraq after an air raid?

Everyone always talks about what would happen if China sent an EMP onto the United States, something that would bring all technology, the internet, and even most engines to a grinding halt. Assuming that America would not use their planes that stay in the sky 24/7 to return the favor, this is something that would bring America to its death….but then what? Who is China going to sell their TV’s, cell phones, and junk to if that happens, Russia? The average Russian can not even pay for heating oil, so that is unlikely at this point.


President Donald Trump has long championed Americas need to get our house in order.

A more likely event would be that a solar flare which we know have already buzzed by us with enough force that, had it hit us, those reading this would be doing so on a paper that came from a hand fed and operated Windmill press from around the dark ages. That is only one of the problems that we have no way to fix. America would be hard pressed to even repair the roads enough for all of the traffic that America would see as experts zoomed to fix everything in the aftermath. That is assuming that our infrastructure has shown the foresight to keep the needed number of repair vehicles underground enough to prepare for such a disaster, which seems questionable at best.

Some will chalk these warnings up as conspiracy theory or things that we can not control, but we can. We can control if our brides are strong, we have had the know-how for 100 years or longer. We CAN control bad water, horrible roads, and dams that are just waiting to drop us. As a matter of fact, to NOT control these things would be to our own demise, which is something that is not going to do anyone in either party any good.