Olympic Security Struck By Widespread Illness

PUBLISHED: 6:20 PM 6 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 10:38 PM 6 Feb 2018

U.S. Olympic Committee Boasts Of Forced Diversity

Naturally the questions become, was this deliberate?

Security staff are dropping like flies as backups are called in.

Coincidence, when the world is on fire over actions in Asia from North Korea as it relates to China and South Korea, can be a perilous thing. Security staff at the Winter Olympics are falling ill and while North Korea is debating sending top officials to S.K. for possible talks, one would be utterly foolish not to wonder if Kim Jong-un would cause such illness purposefully.

While that is simply conjectured, what is known for certain is that “the organizing committee for the Pyeongchang Olympics has called in 900 military personnel” because over 1200 security personnel were/are too sick to work. This is due to “the Norovirus“, according to the U.S.A. Today and Christophe Dubi, IOC executive director of the Olympic Games.

Making matters worse, later on Tuesday, the same organizing committee “said 32 cases of Norovirus had been confirmed and those people were quarantined” following treatment. The additional cases consisted of “21 private security staff members from the Horeb Youth Center and 11 people from other locations, including three foreigners.

The unpleasant symptoms included “headaches, stomach pain, and diarrhea.” Vomiting and nausea are also reported, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention informs us.

On top of even this, the Gangwon Province Health and Environment Research Center found 41 workers who may also be sick, thus adding to the possible number of afflicted.

This matters, because they too have been pulled from duty, lest they infect anyone else. Suspicions that something could be off keel is the fact that these workers were all mostly charged with “checking credentials and screening baggage entering the venues.” If someone had malicious intent at the games, these would be the likely targets to remove. Even the replacements, in some instances, won’t be as well trained on this short notice and with these huge numbers.

As it stands, the committee suspects “groundwater used in food and beverages at the Horeb Youth Centre — a housing facility.” Therefore, those who are showing symptoms have been taken to the hospital and those not ill are still being kept at the center until symptom-free.

To keep everyone safe, “900 military personnel will work across 20 venues” shall be used until those sickened are able to return to their posts.

Not only are quarantine measures being taken to halt the spread, but members of the media are having their hands sprayed with a disinfectant before eating at certain breakfast and other buffets.

Hopefully, this is not the work of ISIS or something conjured from the ever-wicked mind of Kim Jong-un. When people get together from all over the world, this kind of thing can happen and has all throughout history. The settlers brought smallpox to America by accident and it led to a time of great misery.

Thankfully, this is nothing nearly as dire as smallpox, but the point remains that such outbreaks are to be expected. With that said, mad tyrants and terrorists are also to be expected, so keeping a sharp eye open and keenly asking questions is never a bad thing.

After that, let the games begin!

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostU.S.A. Today