English Culture War?

PUBLISHED: 11:18 PM 8 Aug 2018

11-Year Old Lauded For Abnormal Lifestyle In England

The media in England lionized the child's decision and the way that he lives his life, ignoring many of the things wrong with it.

An 11-year-old child was lauded for living an abnormal lifestyle in England and encouraged to do so by a television station and talk show.

The media, particularly television and other scripted and similar shows, seem to have taken it upon themselves to push leftist ideals. This is not exactly a new phenomenon, and their portrayal of certain issues seems tinged by their political beliefs.

Nothing provides as clear an example of this as television in the United Kingdom, specifically the panel show ‘Loose Women.’ Recently, they shone the spotlight on an 11-year-old boy, who lives in Leicestershire, and showcased how he found himself more confident thanks to his decision to cross-dress. The movement being celebrated is not appropriate for children, and his comments about his body parts were highly disturbing in nature.

The show talked about how his cross-dressing gave him confidence and how it improved his life and showed the schoolboy walking into the studio in fishnet tights and high heels as his ‘alter ego,’ Violet Vixen.

During the segment, he told the panel that he felt more like himself when he was wearing the clothing, and he even offered to do one of the hostess’ makeup for her.

The boy’s mother, Lauren, said that her son doesn’t want to change his gender.

She said that although she assumed that was what he wanted, she found out that this wasn’t the case at all.

Furthermore, she said that her son was “very clear” when he told her that “just because he’s got a penis” doesn’t mean he can’t, or shouldn’t be, wearing a dress.

Viewers who watched the show praised the young boy’s appearance and the segment in general.

During the said segment, the young man first showed up dressed normally but eventually changed from his ‘regular’ clothes into a dress.

When he strutted out to Lady Gaga’s song, ‘Born This Way,’ the panelists asked him to twirl for them which just seems creepy for an adult to say to a young child, cross-dresser or not.

His mother said that the child’s fascination with wearing women’s clothes began when he was young, only two years old, when he would borrow clothing from his older sister.

However, his mother admitted that she began to worry when he didn’t grow out of that kind of behavior.

She said that her child had always been flamboyant, and he had always wanted to dress in high heels and dresses and similar clothing.

His mother also said she believed his interest in ‘girly’ things was partially due to the fact that she was a single mother but that it continued even after she found a new ‘partner.’

She also claimed that she threw out much of her son’s ‘girly’ things and tried to encourage him to find manlier interests. However, she said that when he tried to search for drag racing, he ended up at a page for Rupaul’s Drag Race, and his interest began anew.

As can be expected, the young boy has been bullied at school for his desire to dress like a woman.

His mother says that her child has a ‘brilliant’ way of dealing with people who bully him.

According to her, he says “why spend time” being hateful toward people who aren’t harming anyone or doing anything wrong, when you could “embrace it” and have fun with them.

That doesn’t sound like it’s going to work out half as well as his mother expects.

As for his decision to cross-dress, that’s up to him. More concerning is the question of whether or not his mother had any role in impressing the idea upon her child.

It would not be the first time that a parent, hoping to make a political point, had forced similar roles upon their children.

Indeed, it was in England that a high court judge removed a child from the custody of his mother after the child had been forced to live his life as a girl, which the judge said caused significant emotional harm to the growing psyche.

It also appears that the media, yet again, seems to find something redeeming in showcasing strange lifestyles as something desirable, something to be celebrated.

It doesn’t seem likely that they’ll run the other side of the story. The bullying that the child is going to experience may likely continue as he remains the one odd child, teen, or adult.

‘Laissez-faire’ parenting may seem to be all the rage, but it ends up causing long-term harm. This is just one example.