PUBLISHED: 10:29 PM 17 May 2017

100 Schools Make LGBT Pact, Declare Uniforms Gender Neutral As New Curriculum Unveiled In The UK


Helpless students are being subjected to a rabidly pro-LGTBQ agenda at school.

At least 120 British schools have agreed to teach students an aggressively pro-LGBTQ curriculum. Administrators agree that uniforms requirements will be gender-neutral and children will read from textbooks highlighting gay and transgender relationships.

Liberals are insisting that gender is malleable and biology should be ignored. Fringe leftists are now pushing that view onto children. Elementary school students shouldn’t be given lessons on transgender rights. Schools should instead focus on actually educating students.

“In our experience, primary schools are adopting [the program] faster than secondary schools,” Dr. Elly Barnes, founder of the charity Educate & Celebrate told the Guardian. “There doesn’t seem to be any type of school that’s more likely to take it up than any other, and no particular part of the country where there’s less or more take-up.”


Traditional boys’ school uniforms may become a relic of the past. Liberals are pushing schools to adopt a gender-neutral dress code.

Educate & Celebrate is a wildly liberal organization that prides itself in promoting LGBTQ values. Group members proudly boasted in January that they had attended the Women’s March on Washington. The charity partners with willing schools for 12 months, helping administrators implement their controversial curriculum. The program includes ““reviewing policies; developing an LGBT+Inclusive curriculum, with lessons plans, assemblies, book collections; … [and] increasing visibility in the school environment.”

The left insists that their decision to warp our educational system to appease LGBTQ activists is actually protecting children. Transgender children (like almost everyone who attends school) are often bullied.

“They suffer rates of suicide around 50% higher than the general population. The kids that we deal with are the ones who turn around and say I’m not a boy … or it’s not about being a tomboy. Parents find it really patronizing when they are told it’s a trend, or they are just being politically correct,” said Susie Green, chief executive of Mermaids, a popular charity that works with parents and children with gender issues.

“When you have a child who you have to lock the pills away from and [who] cries themselves to sleep at night … they find it really patronizing to suggest they could possibly be visiting this on their children.”

Children like to act out and gain attention. Boys sometimes don skirts for that reason. Suggesting that this means the boy now needs to change his gender is absurd.

The transgender mania infecting the left is growing out of control. Millennials are suddenly yammering about being “non-binary” or “confused” about their gender. You would think that gender was one of the first things that the species ever figured out, considering there are only two options, yet the fringe left seems to believe that the question still hasn’t been settled.

“It has been just five days since Donald Trump formally became President of the United States of America, and people are already unhappy,” reads a blog post by Educate & Celebrate.

“In fact, it only took a matter of hours after his inauguration for things to start going wrong. First of all, any LGBTQ, civil rights and climate change content was removed from the White House website…This of course sent shock-waves through the community questioning how the 45th president would continue to treat minority groups in America.”


A popular London private school is proposing to change their dress code to allow male students to wear skirts. The controversial decision has not yet been settled.

Despite all the hand-wringing, most people would argue that LGBTQ rights have been significantly expanded as of late. Western schools are adopting gender-neutral bathrooms; gay marriage is now a legal reality. It seems like the left is arguing for special rights for gay and transgender individuals, rather than plain equality.

“For us, it’s been fairly straightforward,” said Paula Weaver, headteacher of Allens Croft in Birmingham, one of the first schools to adopt gender-neutral policies. “It was in place for a while before it hit the news. There’s nothing special about gender-specific toilets and uniforms: children just need to be able to express themselves and if they feel comfortable, it’s what clothes they feel comfortable in.”

Many would argue that far from making children more comfortable, forcing them to question their gender at an early age is likely to lead to confusion.