PUBLISHED: 12:06 AM 25 Jan 2017

10 Best And Worst Signs From The D.C. Women’s March


When did this become about genitals?

January 21, 2017 was the Women’s March in Washington D.C. This was the first year that the march had been called this. Until this year it was known as the Million Woman March. It began in 1997 and the original founders was “envisioned and intended to help bring social, political, and economic development and power throughout the black communities of the United States, as well as to bring hope, empowerment, unity and sisterhood to women, men and children of African descent globally regardless of nationality, religion, or economic status.

The women of the march called for three things: repentance for the pain of black women caused by one another, and the restoration and resurrection of African American family and community bonds. The march included scheduled hours of prayer and speeches.

Even the name was designed to emulate Martin Luther King’s March on Washington in 1963. The title was considered by some to be comparable to the Million Man March.

The first march was filled with prayer, music, and inspirational speeches. These events were meant to promote change in a positive way. Speakers at the event included Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela and Attallah and Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughters of Malcolm X.

The Million Woman March was considered the launching pad for the development of the first global movement for women and girls of African descent.

Apparently this year’s organizers decided that Black Lives Matter is doing enough damage to black people and equality so they changed the name. It turns out to be a good thing because it is doubtful that anyone associated with the original march would want to be associated with what the march has been degraded to.

This year, among other problems, the march organizers made some bold and ridiculous decisions. They managed to turn it into a Sharia supporting, pro-abortion, Trump hating, irrelevant walk around the capitol. The organizers told people that if they disagreed with the stated views, don’t bother coming to the event. Fortunately for them, there were more than enough unintelligent liberal whiners to show up.

Don’t get me wrong, this march has the ability to be a platform for sharing information and advocating for reform. Some of the women there appeared to understand that. Most did not.

One of the most despicable parts of this march was the use of children. Teaching children appropriate Freedom of Speech is a wonderful moment. These mothers failed completely as the photos show. We should not be raising children to hate people who are not like them. That is racism and bigotry. They should know what those are because they certainly accuse the Republicans of that each and every day.

First let’s look at the good. These signs represent what the march could stand for, what it used to stand for. They are examples of free speech that woman can be proud of:


good signs5

A good and reasonable sentiment

good signs7

The morals this march was founded on

good signs6

This is so very important

good signs9

The message is great and who doesn’t love a superhero?

good signs8

Disregard the dig at the President, at least the sign is appropriate for a child


Now we come to the bad signs, and some of them are really inappropriate. It was difficult to chose just 5 so feel free to check out the rest here, if you have the stomach for it.

bad signs4

Don’t take a historical symbol and pervert it

bad signs6

What exactly does this have to do with women’s rights??

bad signs8

Given the current trends, maybe this sign is just his plan

bad signs10

Just totally stupid

bad signs9

The absolute wrong way to teach children about free speech

The women are done with their march and nothing was accomplished, not even intelligent discussions about how to fix real problems. Instead, millions walked around with their pink pu*** hats and called our President names.

They have distorted the original intention of the march so far, it is unlikely it will ever be repaired. It is a shame that this is example they want to set for the nation’s children. It is also the image of the United States they are projecting to the rest of the world.

Our new President has appointed some strong, successful women that can be looked up to. We will have the next 4 years to try and undo some of the harm these so called feminists have done.