PUBLISHED: 5:28 PM 16 Nov 2016

1 Woman Pleads With Protesters To Let Her By, What They Did Instead Gives America Little Hope


What These Protesters Did Is Disgusting!

When people have a sort of emergency they tend to freak out a bit. And it’s understandable considering that they have no idea what is going on. All they know is that they need to get somewhere fast.

And it seems that when people are in a hurry, everything is being done to make sure that you can’t reach your destination. In school we called it “Murphy’s Law.” That is anything and everything that can go wrong will go wrong. But that was for simple emergencies. What happened in Portland, Oregon is unacceptable!

A woman was attempting to drive through the protest that was going on in the city because of a personal emergency. And instead of letting her through like good citizens, these protesters decided that the best course of action would be to ATTACK her and her car!

A local reporter covering the incident filmed everything that was available. And of course there happens to be two different sides to the story. The protesters claimed that she attempted to run over one of them with her car because she was trying to get to her emergency. But a reporter covering the incident has film proof that that wasn’t what happened in the slightest.

“I can’t agree with them. I was out here, and someone jumped in front of her car while she was slowly trying to drive away.” You know what isn’t a good solution? JUMPING in front of a moving vehicle! Of course these protesters lack the necessary intelligence to think like that.


These Protests Are Getting Out Of Hand

A person that was watching the event decided to be a Good Samaritan and help out the woman. But these protesters, or animals if you prefer, decided that they were going to fight the man that was trying to help. The man was pushed and shoved by the protesters. This went on for a little while before things escalated even more!

After the pushing and shoving, a protester decided that they were going to solve this entire thing and actually slammed into the woman’s windshield. As a result of the impact, the windshield SHATTERED! The reporter couldn’t identify which specific protester was responsible for the action. There was one individual that was right next to the car that managed to show off a BASEBALL BAT.

Now think about this for a second. Car windshields are extremely durable. It would take a lot of force for it to shatter. Someone slamming into it might not do the trick, but someone slamming the car with a BAT certainly would! They were literally terrifying the woman that was just trying to get through because she had a personal emergency.

“This woman is by herself, surrounded by protesters – hundreds of them,” the reporter said while a camera crew was filming the ongoing encounter. The woman was alone and started crying in the car, while her neck and shoulders were tensed in a frightened posture. Basically this woman was scared to death.

And perhaps the worst part about all this was that the reporter said that it was the SECOND encounter that he saw between a motorist and protesters that evening! So the best question to ask would be this: Where were the police in all of this? Surely they would love to be on the scene trying to arrest the people that were responsible for this right?

WRONG! The reporter said that police were not on the scene. “I haven’t seen a police officer – I’m trying to think – all night.” So basically what we have here is a bunch of protesters that are literally scaring this woman half to death by smashing her windshield and there were no police around to arrest them.

And yet if you ask any liberal out there, they are going to say that these protests are peaceful. You really think that smashing a woman’s windshield with a BAT is peaceful? No all you are doing is making the women more scared than before. She was trying to get to a personal emergency and these people, animals more like it, decided that they were going to smash her windshield.

But they also were doing everything they could to stop anyone that was trying to help out the poor woman. Someone who was just trying to get involved and help out was beaten and pushed around as well. They didn’t care about anyone and threatened people’s lives. And for those of you that don’t think that, how would you react if someone smashed your car windshield with a bat?

Another scary fact about these protesters is the fact that a vast majority of them didn’t even vote! In those Portland, Oregon riots, there were 112 people arrested and yet only 25 of them actually voted. So these people that are protesting the election results didn’t actually participate in the election! They didn’t bother to have their voice heard. So if they gave up that right, why in the world should they be allowed to protest the results?


Most Of The Protesters Didn’t Even Vote

Of course the people that were protesting are thought to just be pawns as well. There have been a slew of Craigslist ads that have shown that there are people being offered up to $1,500 a week to protest these results. These aren’t people that just decided to protest something. They are paid protesters, set up by George Soros in an attempt to stop the distribution of power.

Share this article to show people that these Anti-Donald Trump protesters are now inflicting fear into people that need to get through. A woman that was trying to get through because of a personal emergency was stopped in her tracks and she had her windshield smashed. And anyone that tried to help her out was caught in the middle of it as well.

These are not people that are peaceful. These are people that are looking to create as much damage as possible. What we need to do now is make sure that the public knows about this so something can get done. Because these protests have gone on for some time now and they don’t look like they’re going to stop soon.