PUBLISHED: 5:24 PM 14 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 5:59 PM 14 Feb 2017

1 Million Stolen Social Security Numbers Now Discovered, Illegals Used During Obama To File Returns

Illegals filing taxes

They Were Stealing Other People’s Identities!

When someone is born here in the United States, or they immigrate the legal way, they are given forms that help set their identity. They receive a social security number, which is part of one’s legal identity. Needless to say, it’s something that needs to be protected.

Unfortunately there are some people that think it’s appropriate to steal a social security number and have access to all of your personal information. Identity fraud is something that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy; for the main reason that it completely tears apart your own life.

Think about it, someone is walking around and attempting to use YOUR legal information to get what they need, whether it’s money, file their own taxes, or even get a job. It shouldn’t be surprising then to see illegal immigrants doing this sort of practice just to appear like they are legal citizens. They don’t care about the damage that they are doing, which is absolutely disgusting!

In fact, the IRS inspector general even admitted that they were aware of more than one million illegal immigrants that were stealing Social Security numbers of legal citizens to file their tax returns. So you would think that they would want to do something about that right?

WRONG. The IRS has done next to nothing to stop the practice. It gets worse; they don’t even TELL the people that have been a victim of this crime! So there is a chance that you are having your social security number stolen by an illegal immigrant, and you would have absolutely no idea.

illegals are okay

The IRS Is Okay With Illegals Stealing Social Security Numbers

To top this disturbing information off, the IRS has been aware of the problem. They’ve been aware for AT LEAST FIVE YEARS! They have had this problem for a minimum of five years and there has been NOTHING done to combat it. Illegals underneath President Obama would literally do this and get away with it!

That has captured the attention of Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) who won his seat back in 2014 by talking about how he would combat illegal immigration and provide fiscal discipline. He said in an interview that this was a classic case of the government ignoring one of its main fundamental responsibilities.

Brat said, “I used to teach ethics for 18 years at the college level, along with economics. You can’t make up a case study that is this crazy. I think I o would give the students a migraine if they had to piece together the logic of everything that’s wrong here.”

Brat went on to say that the IRS was ignoring the problem because of politics. He gave some evidence, including talking to the inspector general, John Koskinen, who was appointed by the former president Barack Obama in 2013.

Obama putting soldiers in danger

It Figures That An Obama Appointed Figure Is Helping Illegals

“Koskinen was in front of us, and I asked him, ‘if you know that you have illegal aliens and they’re asking for tax refunds or asking for any tax status, would you do anything about it?’ He said no. I was stunned.”

It’s shocking that someone would do this, but then you remember who appointed Koskinen in the first place. He was appointed by former President Obama, which makes his immigration stance less surprising.

Brat said that this shows an agency that forgets who it’s working for.

“Your ethical duty is to the American people. If they are now in harm’s way because their information has been stolen, my goodness, you have to let your constituents know. And they failed that test as well, much less going after the illegals, which I’m sure would be at the bottom of the priority list.”

Since this was taking place during the Obama administration, Brat inferred that this was a problem throughout the entire administration.

“The premise in the first place has to be that you believe in the rule of law. So illegal immigrants who offend while they’re here, violating the law. So it’s two strikes, and then this kind of a breach that effects the American people directly is strike three. We need to take action, and we know President Obama won’t. We know Loretta Lynch won’t.”


He Wasn’t Going To Do Anything To Stop It

At the time, Republican leadership was (and still is) hesitant to impeach Koskinen.

“We’ve had a little push-back from our own leadership. I do not understand why. People across the United States are upset enough with the IRS targeting of conservatives and ethical breaches in the past. They’ve withheld evidence. They’ve destroyed evidence. And now you get stories like this.”

That is surely going to change now that President Donald Trump is in charge.

As expected, there is going to be some Democratic push back. After all, government officials told illegals to fight back against immigration agents. If people in the government were telling them that, then what else are they going to tell them?

Of course the worst thing to a Democrat isn’t illegal immigration; it’s the Second Amendment. That was why a Senator actually said that we shouldn’t screen immigrants coming into the country, but we should ban guns. The problem with that is a gun is an inanimate object and can’t do harm, while we have seen the harm that illegals are doing to this country.

Share this article with your friends and family to show that the IRS knows about the one million illegal immigrants that are stealing other people’s social security numbers. Not only is that identity fraud, but also the IRS doesn’t bother to tell people if their identities were stolen. What else do you expect from Obama appointed people?