PUBLISHED: 6:36 PM 12 Jan 2017

1 Last Gift: Obama Allows 70 Countries Of U.N. To Take Parts Of Israeli Land As He Leaves Office


Obama gives a send off message and mess to Donald Trump in the form of his Israel division based policies.

Within the Christian church, there are a two commonly found ways to interpret the book of Joel when the prophet is speaking about God seeking justice towards those that “divided up My land.” Some suggest that dividing up the land means that people were divided WITHIN by things like lust, false god worship, etc. Others suggest that the Bible means a real and physical dividing of the land of Israel. For those that lean towards the latter of the two interpretations, the news today about 70 states meeting to carve up Israel like an Easter ham is nothing short of a revolting revelation.

It is also further proof for those that are convinced that Obama is doing everything in his power to ensure that Donald Trump walks into a mess when he takes office. Seventy nations meeting may seem like “fairness” and, “the world speaking as one,” but where does this insanity lead to?

Can seventy nations meet and decide that America no longer needs Hawaii? Israel was attacked without end after World War II, which saw radical Islam demanding land from the 1947 borders. In essence, they started a WAR with Israel. Israel won that war in 1967 and those borders changed. Sorry radicals, but losing a war has consequences.


Netanyahu has every reason to be absolutely livid over what is being proposed about his nation.

Rather than acknowledge and accept these consequences, many Palestinians have just kept attacking Israel ever since. Instead of the seventy nations meeting to punish the Palestinians, they meet to divide up Israel as if Israel were not a sovereign nation. When Israel has capitulated in the past and given up things like the Gaza Strip, they were thanked by promptly getting bombed from the Gaza Strip. The world reacts by…..wait for it…suggesting that Israel gives up MORE land.

The Palestinians are usually the first to attack Israel in almost every circumstance, yet Israel is usually condemned for defending itself. Rare is it that Israel has attacked first unless it was known that an attack was incoming.

The seventy nations are not asking for anything that is likely to happen, either. They ask for a two-state solution that sees both the Jew and Palestinian dwelling side by side in peace. This is like asking a hungry python and fat mouse to play nicely in a cage. If Israel is being bombed from its borders now, what logical person would assume that the bombing would stop just because Israel’s border have shrunk? This was the logic behind the Gaza deal, which failed.


Israel gave up the Gaza Strip and soon were bombed FROM the Gaza Strip.

It demands that Israel no longer considers the 1967 lines as proper borders, but again, those borders would never have been there if Palestinians had not attacked Israel for the twenty years or so after Hitler’s war. This was not land that the Jews stole, it was land that the Jews earned by defeating the heathens that were bombing them for no reason.

The seventy nations also want to see Israel and the Palestinians publicly commit to a dual state solution, but how can this work when Yasser Arafat promised the same kind of agreement in the 1990s and the only thing that the Jews saw was bloodshed, slander, and lies? No matter how much Israel gives up, it is not going to stop Iran from wanting to strike the entire existence of a Jewish state from the map.

The proof of this is that while America has given Iran billions in cash and gold, Iran still chants for America’s death in the street. Clearly, giving anything to radical Islam is not the solution to the world’s ills.


With a handshake like a Judas kiss, Obama has betrayed his “friend” Netanyahu in much the same way that he betrayed his “friend” Qadaffi.

The demand also has the audacity to call for the reprimanding or silencing of those politicians who do not agree that giving Israel’s land to those who want to bomb them is a less than brilliant idea. In other words, just like the Nazi’s said to the Jews, “shut up if you don’t like it. You don’t get a say.”

In practicality then, their land is being divided up by the same mindset that lead to them having a land to start with. They even want to see Israel sign on with agreements that say that they have to go through the world’s courts to change their borders EVER, even if they are bombed again after the agreement is in place.

The trouble with this line of thinking is (besides being racist in tone, at least according to how the left defines racism) that unlike the Jews who made a bountiful land out of a desert, Palestine is going to simply make war. There are factions of Islam that will NOT sign onto this pledge, but the recognized leaders will. Then, those factions that refused will bomb Israel until not a building stands, and the recognized leaders will play dumb.


Eyes reddened from lack of sleep, rage-filled weeping, sorrow, or all three, Netanyahu begs the world to see radical Islam for what it is.

Obama knows all of this. The truth is that Obama would in most instances like to see this mess happen because he will be fully gone by the time that this really mushrooms into a disaster. By then it will be Donald Trump that gets the blame for handling things badly by the Democrats when the fact will be, Obama set the stage for whole mess.

Obama is deliberately stabbing Israel in the back and when things go south in a few months because of his actions, you can bet Democrats galore will blame Trump for everything!