PUBLISHED: 11:36 PM 28 Feb 2017

1.6M Illegals Were Allowed To Overstay Visas Under Obama, ICE Now Responsible

Another illegal nabbed! President Trump’s administration removed the restrictions that shackled ICE and Border Patrol during Obama’s reign

Thank goodness Obama is out of office. The-ex president ignored a whopping 1.6 million visa overstays between 2013 and 2015. Apparently capturing illegals was a “low priority” for crooked Obama.

The ex-president and his cohort of radicals cared far more about pushing their leftist agenda than they did about protecting everyday Americans. Overstays are potentially as dangerous as border jumpers. They’re individuals who had the money to enter the U.S, but lack either the funds or the desire to remain legally.

In Obama-land, you’re not only responsible for taking care of yourself and your family, but money is skimmed from your paychecks and given to illegal loafers who won’t go back to their own country.

Overstays pose an increasingly prominent problem in illegal immigration, with estimates saying that as the border has become more secure, migrants are attempting to enter by getting legal passes and refusing to leave when their time is up,” notes The Washington Times.

The problem is so severe that agents can’t even be even certain of their numbers. They know that at least 1.6 million refused to go home over a 2 year period, but the real number could be much higher.

Agents report a massive decline in border jumpers since Trump took office

Currently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not comprehensively match entry and exit records. This means they have no way of assessing the size of the problem. They also cannot ascertain which countries overstayers are coming from…”

This should be alarming to every American who cares about national security. Islamic terror cells are embedded in the U.S. The followers of Allah are calling for blood- our blood. Sure some of the overstays might be drunken students with a loose plan of traveling the states, but good luck telling them apart from ISIS devotees biding their time until they strike.

ERO did not send any of the referrals to ICE field offices for enforcement action because the overstay lead referrals did not meet DHS’ enforcement priorities,” investigators said. “Specifically, ERO officials said that in most cases, overstay lead referrals do not have criminal convictions required to classify the referrals as DHS’ enforcement priority.”

Homeland security is out of its depth. Eight years of poor funding and little support are taking its toll. Agents lack the resources to track the millions of bodies streaming in and out of our borders everyday. Technological advances are poorly implemented. Facial recognition might be installed in an airport here, an airport there, but widespread use is still a far-off dream. Land ports are even more poorly controlled.

President Trump has promised to overhaul our broken immigration system

However, now that short-sighted Obama is gone we might actually start to see some changes. Unlike his predecessor, President Trump realizes the importance of border control. While the liberal media manufactures faux outrage over the president’s supposedly “racist” policies, ICE and border patrol (i.e. people who actually know what they’re talking about) are constantly praising Trump’s agenda.

According to Breitbart “a 2006 study showed that roughly 45% of undocumented immigrants originally entered the US legally, but then remained in the country without authorization after their visas had expired.”

45%. That’s huge. The overstays are like their own little nation. They don’t respect our rules but they aren’t above fattening themselves on the taxpayers dime, eating up money and services meant for actual citizens.

Last year the administration released a pathetic excuse for a report on visa overstays. They supposedly kept track of business and tourist visas but ignored both student visas and the millions of migrants who arrived via land.

That’s not good enough for Trump. Already, less than two months in office, Trump has demanded that agents compile a fully comprehensive report by May.

Meanwhile,” writes The Washington Times, “on the border, illegal immigration appeared to drop in January, compared with December, according to the latest numbers from U.S.Customs and Border Protection.”

The total number of illegals creeping across the border dropped precipitously almost the moment that Trump’s win was announced. Many of the migrants still risking the dangerous trek are being nabbed by border agents.

Immigration culture is rapidly evolving; the world we live in demands it. Threats are pouring in from every corner of the globe. ISIS’s stated goal is the obliteration of the West and their methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated. We need to protect ourselves, something that Obama repeatedly failed to do.

Homeland Security is overwhelmed. Poor airport design hinders their ability to track foreign visitors

Part of the problem is the way U.S. airports are laid out,” notes USA Today. “Unlike many foreign airports that have separate areas for domestic and international flights, all departing flights from U.S. airports use the same terminals. That makes it difficult for Customs officers to pick out foreign travelers and collect their information.”

Our entire immigration policy needs to change. We need to redesign our airports and spend more time screening entrants. Security at land ports need to be seriously beefed-up.

Trump is capable of doing this. Obama wasn’t.