London Forced To Use War Zone Devices To Help Citizens From Migrant Attacks

PUBLISHED: 6:45 PM 8 Feb 2018

Police Deploy War Zone Devices To Treat Acid Victims In Migrant-Ridden London

Khan is appeasing radical migrants.

Khan ratchets up new stunt against Trump.

Police in terror-ridden London are being forced to set-up devices designed for war zones to ensure citizens can receive medical treatment if they are subjected to an acid attack.

After left-wing Mayor Sadiq Khan accepted tens of thousands of unvetted Muslim migrants, the city is now rolling out “bottleshowers” to put on the streets when another inevitable migrant attack takes place.

After 739 acid attacks last year, the city has become a war-zone overrun by violent radical migrants.

“Bottleshowers” are used in the battlefields across the Middle East and within refugee camps that will spray water on individuals who have been hit with an acidic-based bomb.

Given that radical Islamic terrorists often use acid-bombs to carry out quick attacks on innocent civilians, London police will now carry large water bottles with them to ensure they can pour water on victims if they are covered in acid.

Rather than tighten immigration laws or provide police with the actual tools they need to combat radical jihadists trying to kill Londoners, Khan is equipping his officers with water bottles.

In their statement, police admitted London was the global capital for acid attacks last year, noting there were hundreds of “corrosive liquid” attacks carried out by violent Muslims.

“The UK now has one of the highest rates of recorded acid and corrosive substance attacks per capita in the world and this number appears to be rising,” said Assistant Chief Constable Rachel Kearton, the National Police Chiefs’ Council leader on acid attacks.

This is what happens when nations cower to political correctness and allow radical Islamists to take control.

While Khan supports mass migration, thousands of his citizens are unable to even feel safe in public for fear of being hit with an acid bomb.

Many nations across Europe have admitted they have completely lost control and are in desperate need of help to combat the influx of crime and violence from violent migrants.

But rather than addresses the chilling increase in crime and violence from migrants, left-wing lunatics like Khan are more content with handing out water bottles and appeasing these radical jihadists.

Source: Breitbart