Harris Homeless Mom Charge

PUBLISHED: 6:47 PM 31 Jan 2019

Flashback: Self-Satisfied Harris Boasts About Charging “Homeless Mom” Working Two Jobs

Apparently, Harris was really proud of using her office to target a homeless mom of three who was working two jobs, all because her kids were ‘truants.’

watch Harris laughingly talk about jailing parents for school absences. One mom was incarcerated for 180 days.

A 2010 video of Kamala Harris has popped up on social media, causing one account to be suspended. While the California attorney general, Harris is seen bragging about how tough she was on a homeless mom of three during her time as the San Francisco District Attorney.

Harris said parents ‘responded to a new approach,’ that basically made them subject to jail if their children had chronic public school absences.

Laughing, Harris said she wanted to scare parents by sending prosecutors who worked on gang and murder cases to menace them and prosecutors should “look really mean.”

Then, to demonstrate her greatness, she explained about how a homeless single mother who held two jobs and had three children was charged and threatened with jail.

“By shining this infrared spotlight of public safety on the fact that her children aren’t in school,” Harris said, “we were able to figure that out, get her access to services that exist, and through that process, the attendance of her children improved. We dismissed the charges against her, and overall we’ve improved attendance for this population in San Francisco by 20 percent over the last two years.”

The video, posted on Twitter by Walker Bragman, quickly created an uproar.

Kamala Harris continued on to describe how she’d brought charges against a single homeless mother of 3 who was working 2 jobs because her children were truant…and this was a success story,” he wrote.

Jermane Lee Willis, posted, “Kamala Harris loves to put desperate people in jail. Here, she giddily recalls the time a father said his wife had to sit down the kids and tell them to obey the police and go to school or everyone’s going to jail. Is this a healthy learning environment?”

Twitter suspended his account yesterday for his opinionated comments. Apparently, no one is allowed to bash the darling ‘front-runner.’

Demi, whose handle is @demisaysstuff said: “I feel like terrorism isn’t the best method to reduce truancy.”

Writing in Glamour earlier this month over her misgivings regarding Harris, Morgan Jerkins, author of “This Will Be My Undoing,” said: “While [Kamala Harris] has said she’s committed to such progressive goals as weed legalization and restorative justice, she’s only just begun to reckon with and apologize for the part she (as prosecutor) played in strengthening systemic disparities among communities of color.”

Since the video resurfaced, Harris and her campaign have defended her criminal justice background.

A Harris spokesman told reporters, “She believed a critical way to keep kids out of jail when they’re older is to keep them in school when they’re young.”

Yeah, sure. Bringing in police over truancy and blaming parents sounds like something out of 1930’s Germany. But, hey, that’s the democrat platform now anyway, right?